Butterfly Valley Faralya Turkey

About 15 km south of Ölüdeniz, Faralya was known simply as the “village on the cliffs of the Butterfly Valley” until recently, when travellers start to take a deeper look to the village. 

The village itself is quite a pleasant sight to see, with its houses and gardens cascading towards the cliffs of the Valley.

Faralya is officially a quarter of the village of Uzunyurt, which is made up of seperate hamlets as these hamlets don’t have enough population to make them officially declared to be villages.

However, almost nobody but the officials use this name and the village is always referred to by its ancient name of Faralya whether it be by the minibus signs or travel agencies.

And as Faralya is the biggest one of these hamlets, when someone speaks about Uzunyurt, you may assume he/she refers to Faralya.

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