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New Year at Helsinki, Finland

Posted by on Jan 10, 2011 in Nature | 3 comments

New Year at Helsinki, Finland

Hello, this is my second post in this year, and I hope I will add more the. Helsinki is capital of Finland country in north Europe.  Helsinki is located on the south of the country and at Gulf of Finland. Helsinki Population is near 550,000 people. When one looks from Helsinki, Tallinn is on the opposite side of the sea, but it is too far away to see. A poetic name for Helsinki is “the daughter of the Baltic Sea”.In 1550 Swedish king Gustav Vasa commanded people to build a new city and move there. His idea was to build a new place to trade, which would be more popular than Tallinn. The idea didn’t work well, and many people returned from Helsinki to their homes. Later Sweden built the fortress Suomenlinna in Helsinki. After Russia had taken Finland from Sweden in several wars, they started developing Helsinki. Helsinki became the capital of autonomous province of Finland. When Finland became independent in 1917, Helsinki stayed as the capital city.This is how new year look at Helsinki city center.


  1. Helsinki is really beautiful city and the accommodations there are perfect. I like this destination so much and all the sightseeings there are really amazing.

  2. Great for extended travel when safety counts – I like the feeling of security that i got when traveling. The look is more function than style.

  3. I’m not easily ipmresesd. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂