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When the adventure goes wrong – what are your rights?

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Adventure | Comments Off on When the adventure goes wrong – what are your rights?

Traveling is one activity that adds so much adventure and fulfillment to your life. Whether you are exploring new countries, meeting local people or just relaxing on a beach, there are so many opportunities to expand your horizons and try things you have never imagined. It is the sort of experience that will leave you a completely different person when you return home, and in a good way. Unfortunately, however, when you are traveling accidents do sometimes happen. It’s not convenient or pleasant, but it is something to be aware of and to prepare for as much as possible. Obviously you do not want to go into your trip expecting to get hurt, but becoming aware of what to do in case of injury while on an adventure holiday can help smooth out the process.

Adventure sport injuries

 Adventure sport injuries

Many people love to take part in adventure sports while they are traveling. Being in a new, exotic country is the perfect opportunity to finally try sky-diving, for example. Jetting off to that gorgeous coastline is a great excuse to go kite-surfing or water-skiing. Winter snow bunnies might take a ski holiday, while summer fans often go scuba diving and surfing. Whatever the activity, adventure sports are majorly popular among travelers, but as they are inherently risky, accidents and injuries are not uncommon.

Accidents on adventure sports happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it is purely the fault of the person involved in the activity; other times the equipment or facility may be improperly maintained by the owner of the premises. You might have been led by a guide who is not very experienced or improperly trained, resulting in you being hurt. In all of these examples you would not be at fault and might be able to claim compensation for your injury.

Oftentimes when you sign up for an adventure sport, you are asked to sign a waiver stating that you understand the risks involved and the company will not be liable if you are hurt. While signing this waiver is necessary, it does not necessarily mean that you are signing your rights away if something does go wrong. If you are hurt whilst taking part in an adventure sport, the owners of the premises can be held liable if your injury was due to negligence on their part. It is the responsibility of the owners to maintain a safe environment, safe equipment and to employ skilled people to guide you. If any of these areas are faulty and you are injured, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injury. Injury during a recreational activity is nothing to be ignored. If it happens to you, it is extremely important to gather as much information about the incident as possible. Take photos and document details about your injury and the situation surrounding it. All of this information can be used to successfully file a suit. Your personal injury lawyer will help guide you through the legal process of filing a claim so you experience as little stress as possible.