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Vivid Festival Continues To Amaze

Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Adventure | Comments Off on Vivid Festival Continues To Amaze

Artistic celebrations of both the past and present marked the lighting of the iconic Sydney Opera House. German designers URBANSCREEN exposed its colorful reality, as crowds of thousands watched along the shore of Sydney Harbor. With this, Vivid Sydney Festival 2012 began its displays.

The shows span the halls, the skyline, and the mind. “Lighting of the Sails” enjoyed a glorious unveiling, as artists from France, Poland, Scotland, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil, Singapore and New Zealand brought forth their own displays of low-energy light art. 3D digital mapping images were projected unto downtown buildings in a recognition of the original inhabitants of the Sydney basin. Dazzle and culture collided for a fourth year in a row, and you can see it today.

From 25 May to 11 June, the Vivid Sydney Festival 2012 will be witnessed by 500,000 Sydneysiders and visitors, eagerly coming to enjoy the mix of art and ideas. Musicians from all over the world will perform at Vivid LIVE at Sydney Opera House. Vivid Ideas Exchange at the MCA will feature public talks and debates from leading global creative thinkers. Come see for yourself what the celebration of lights, music and ideas is all about.