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Travel the World and Help Others While You’re At It

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Travel the World and Help Others While You’re At It

Multi-tasking is a sought-after trait in today’s society, most often heralded at the top of résumés to provide a competitive edge for those in search of work. But it’s not just for the office anymore. You can now multi-task while you’re on vacation. Travel the world as a volunteer, and you’ll get to see a unique side of South Africa, make a meaningful difference in the world, and reap the benefits of being a volunteer.

When you travel to South Africa as a volunteer, you’ll see a different side to the country. While excursions to tourist attractions are available, for the most part, you’ll be immersed in a local community and its culture. Depending on what project you choose, you can be living near a hospital caring for sick or orphaned children, providing love, attention, and education to these hopeful youngsters. For those are concerned with animal welfare, there are plenty of projects that allow you to work with endangered animals in South Africa. Volunteer tourism companies like Volunteer Southern Africa recognize the dire circumstances of so many endangered and soon-to-be endangered animals in this country, so they’ve created an eco-friendly and sustainable way to help them. Living alongside your charge, animal volunteers will learn the basics of animal husbandry to ensure they live happy, healthy, and safe lives. Whichever project you choose, your accommodations will be far different from the average hotel – no less comfortable or secure but far more genuine and unique, living alongside the amazing people who make up these communities.

Volunteer isn’t just about those that you’re helping. Recent studies have shown that the act of volunteering has a lot of benefits for the performer as well. Not only is it another accomplishment to list on your résumé, but volunteering can relieve stress, build social bonds, and broaden your skillset. Traveling as well as volunteering has a ripple effect. The benefits expand out exponentially; positively affecting others lives as well as your own. Volunteering in South Africa is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows you to help those who are in need of it most. Volunteering isn’t just about those that you’re helping. As a learning opportunity that allows you to see the world, you’re gaining real-world experience that will impress future employers.

If you’re passionate about change within the world and the environment then volunteering in South Africa puts your passion to work. You can help preserve the environment abroad and then utilize your experience and expanded networking skills to secure a career continuing to help the environment. In an economy and job market where employment can be hard to find and employment in ecofriendly companies is highly competitive, any leg up on competitors should be utilized. Volunteering in South Africa can give real world experience and connect you with others who may be able to help you in the work world.