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Travel Destinations to Impress your Girlfriend

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on Travel Destinations to Impress your Girlfriend

The pressure is on. Valentine’s Day is a great time of the year for many things but if you want to impress your girlfriend, there is nothing better than a great travelling surprise – if you choose the right location then there is a brilliant opportunity to make your girlfriend your biggest fan. Read on and get those flights booked.
Disneyland Paris is beloved of people of all ages. Paris is the original romantic mini break but coupled with roller coaster rides and character parades down Main Street, it is a great impressive destination. The trip can be a double whammy – the lovable cheesiness of Disney can be escaped easily by a forty minute train ride into the heart of Paris. Of course, Paris has the Louvre – you can pay your respects to the Mona Lisa, as well as the long romantic walks down the river Seine. The Eiffel Tower is a monument that two lovers really have to visit. The romantic ascent allows for jaw dropping views of the French capital. There is no better way to spend a day with the one you love. So, even if you feel that you have outgrown Disney – there are new aspects such as spas and great restaurants to explore. Do not forget that the most romantic city in the world lies at Mickey’s feet.

Disneyland Paris 037

Lanzarote is on the cusp of North Africa and, as such, it has the climate to attract the rest of the cold world. If you want to lie on a beach and develop a great tan, then Lanzarote is a really great option. Lanzarote offers traditional holiday package fare – lots of beaches, lots of bars and lots of clubs. This is enough for most tourists and they can easily spend a fortnight enjoying the fruits of Lanzarote’s tourist industry. However, if you enjoy traditional tourism then Lanzarote is certainly the place for you to whisk your girlfriend to.


However, there is a less well known side to Lanzarote and it all happens up a height. The island is volcanic and as such has a fabulous volcanic landscape that must be explored. The black sand stretches for miles and is reminiscent of a lunar landscape. You will need to hire a car (we recommend these )in Lanzarote to reach the peak of the volcano but the drive is certainly worth it. The national park that the volcano is situated in has a natural beauty that is strange and other worldly. Put a picnic in the boot of the car, don’t forget the rug and have a romantic time in one of the strangest places on the planet.