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Top 5 Budget Locations for This Winter

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Travel Tips | 2 comments

The winter is a great time to get away from it and indulge in a little holiday. However, with Christmas often reducing your budget at this time of year, you may feel that a retreat away is simply not possible. There are some great spots around the world that don’t cost a huge amount though, and if you want to indulge in a retreat without breaking the bank, there are five top locations that you should consider.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Whilst you may not think it due to its image of glitz and gambling, Las Vegas can actually be very cheap. You can of course spend a lot of money if you want to attend top shows and spend time high rolling in the casinos, but there are also many opportunities for free entertainment. You can watch the Bellagio Fountains, head to The Strip after nightfall to enjoy the neon lights and Sin City’s iconic buzz, and you’ll find that there are many cheap food spots which don’t compromise on cuisine quality due to low price.

2. Vienna, Austria

Austria’s shining city of Vienna is a beautiful metropolis for exploring throughout the year, and it is very affordable as a winter budget retreat. English is spoken widely here, enabling you to get around a little easier, and if you use cheap car rentals you’ll also be able to explore the surrounding mountainous scenery too. There are a fantastic range of museums here, including those dedicated to Mozart and Beethoven, and you’ll find a vibrant coffeehouse and nightlife scene.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is a popular place with backpackers, notably because it is cheap when compared with Western prices. Bangkok is a thriving city, which is overthrowing some of its former infamous overtones as being seedy and dangerous. Whilst the clubs filled with glamour girls and ladyboys still exist, Bangkok is also packed with fantastic cuisine, live jazz or blues music and a very vibrant nightlife. The city may overwhelm you when you first arrive, but you’ll quickly be able to immerse yourself into the fast paced action of this budget city and create memories from places such as Siam Sq and Ko Rattanakosin.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America is a rising star on the tourist scene, and if you want to go to one city that will really offer you a great winter budget getaway, Buenos Aires should make the list. In January temperatures are in the lower to mid 20’s making it great weather for exploring. A vibrant mix of cultures there is a large expat and bohemian community, allowing you to find a jumble of art, traditional culture and worldly cuisine. 48 distinct boroughs are ideal for exploring, with Rio de la Plata offering the majority of good restaurants whilst San Telmo is cobbled and has beautiful colonial architecture.

5. Montreal, Canada

If you’re looking to escape the cold, Montreal may not be your best bet, but this city is a great place to explore if you don’t mind wrapping up. With a vibrant student population there is always a lot going on and, being part of French Canada, the city has a distinct European charm. Round the clock cuisine, partying and culture will leave you breathless and wanting more.





  1. Las Vegas is a good spot to visit during Christmas and New year. City looks very beautiful at that time.

  2. Its awesome