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The Best of Australia

Posted by on May 30, 2013 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on The Best of Australia

There is no doubt that Australia is a vast country that is just begging to be explored but when time is short during your trip, it is best to explore with a plan. Skip the unnecessary journeys and go straight to the places that are interesting and certainly beautiful. Try out these beautiful locations and enjoy the experience.



Do not travel to this iconic place thinking that all you are going to see in the middle of the outback is a large rock. There is a very good reason why thousands of tourists and travellers make the journey to the Northern Territories. Ayers Rock has spiritual significance to the indigenous people who live here, the Anangu. The environment is something very special and really has to be seen to understand the full effect of this magical place.


Watching the sunrise and set over this magnificent monolith is worth the journey. the rock changes colour and it is an amazing sight. Put Uluru on your must do list or regret not making the effort.

Margaret River

When travelling around Australia, there are many places to see that would take a huge amount of time to travel to as the country is so vast. However, Margaret River would be a great way of ticking many of Australia’s  boxes in one single journey.

Margaret River

Found three hours drive from Perth, Margaret River has a little bit of something for everyone. Firstly, it is one of the best wine producing regions in Oz. There are hundreds of places to try out the high quality vino and, as a result, there are many restaurants that produce world class food. The Voyager estate is a great example of somewhere special to eat and to indulge in their own wine. The restaurant is set on a one hundred and fifty year old farm.

margaret river 010

The other aspect of Margaret River is it’s glorious coastline. It is a fantastic location to go surfing and one that is used regularly by pro surfers. There are regular world pro championships in the area because of the quality of the surf. Margaret Island is the place to catch those big, powerful waves that the pro’s love so much. Its the place to surf if your skills match the environment or a great place to watch some of the best surfing in the world.

Ningaloo Coast

This part of the world is a unique environmental place, it has already got it’s name on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list due to it’s incredible biodiversity. Ningaloo Beach is in a remote part of Australia and this has helped to keep it nicely human free to protect the wildlife there. Accessible by a two day drive from Perth, it is the perfect trip to hire a campervan and hit the open road. The waters in Ningaloo attract some unique wildlife. It is the place to go swimming with Whale Sharks, they are the biggest mammals but are thankfully also the gentlest. Try gliding with some Mantra Rays or frolicking with wild dolphins. There’s always a glass bottom boat tour if you prefer to keep out of these busy waters. It’s a turquoise paradise and well worth the long drive to see one of nature’s spectacular wonders.



Chances are, if you have flown into Australia then at some point your journey will lead you to Sydney. It is a vibrant, cultural city that is entertaining for all ages. There are really good reasons to visit Sydney. Who could resist the lure of the world famous opera house, or the Sydney Harbour Bridge?  The Opera House is a tourist attraction that attracts thousands of visitors per year as it is an amazing piece of architecture. Shopping and art, food and Bondi Beach. Sydney is a city that thrills.

Sydney harbour bridge

The Blue Mountains make for a really exciting day trip from Sydney but they provide a fantastic place to camp. It is possible to travel from Sydney in 90 minutes and it is a breathtaking sight. Hanging Rock is one of the places to head for if you are planning a hike. The Three Sisters is a mountain range of epic proportions – naturally they lead to the Giant Staircase. This territory is within Sydney’s grasp – it is a great opportunity to grab it with both hands and take time to explore the amazing scenery.

Blue Mountains. NSW

Australia is often thought of as a once-in-a-lifetime kind of city but there are so many incredible things to experience that one trip is not enough. To really taste Australia, spend a little time following the tourist pursuits and then head on out to the glorious Australia where real Australians travel. Prepare to be amazed.

Image Sources: Creative Commons licensed images from Flickr.