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The Beauty of Thassos – Greece

Posted by on May 15, 2010 in Nature | Comments Off on The Beauty of Thassos – Greece

The Beauty of Thassos – Greece

The beautiful island of Thassos Greece, is often referred to as the “Emerald of the Aegean”. Known for its lush scenic views and a wide variety of remote and public beaches, this family friendly location spot is pleasantly and uniquely serviced by beautiful hotels, water sport facilities and cultural museums.

From one of the islands relaxing hotels, visit one of several ancient sites. You may want to spend your time visiting a cave, that the god Pan is claimed to have inhabited, or tour the ancient acropolis. It is easy to find a wide variety of activities, just minutes from the Islands hotels.

Thassos, is rich in cultural folklore and myths. You will also enjoy the unique and classic architecture designs found on this mountainous island. The gorgeous emerald waters of Thassos and the sandy soft beaches serve to make a visit to Thassos a special, relaxing memorable vacation spot. Quaint mountain and coastal villages will provide tourists many options in shopping, hotels, restaurants and clubbing.

Unlike the other Greek Islands, Thassos experiences cooler temps, due to its more northern location in the Aegean Sea. This only helps to make your time spent on the island more pleasant. Thassos offers unique character and stunning natural beauty. The islands developed tourism only proves to be a compliment for both families, couples and those looking for a nice getaway alone.

July and August have proven to be the high season in terms of tourist activity. No matter what the season, Thassos delivers as a special vacation spot.