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The Beauty of Finnich Glen – The Devils Pulpit

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Adventure | Comments Off on The Beauty of Finnich Glen – The Devils Pulpit

Finnich Glen (The Devils Pulpit) is found near the village of Killearn approximately 30mins north from Glasgow . According to local lore , the gorge was used by druids as a secret meeting place . The amazing Finnich Glen which is a little visited dramatic 100ft deep gorge, although a busy road runs over it.
finnich-glen-The gorge is also used for various adventure activities , including abseiling and gorge walking and climbing. At the top of the gorge under the road bridge the burn runs down quite a steep slope and this makes it popular for canyoning and gorge walking. A walk along the top leads to the very steep and slippy stairs known as “Jacob`s Ladder”, down to the Carnock Burn that runs through the gorge. Nearby in the gorge is “The Devil`s Pulpit” rock.
finnich-glen-1Nowadays, people often refer to the glen itself as the Devil’s Pulpit. However, that name, in its original usage, did not refer to the glen, but to a feature within it: more specifically, it was the name of a particular rock. “Deil’s Pulpit: this name is applied to a rock, situated in a very deep chasm on Carnock Burn. The origin of the name is not known. The rock cannot be seen unless when the waters of the stream are very low”.

finnich-glen-2Finnich Glen is not as well known as other movie locations in Scotland. It’s easy to get to if you know where it is, but the isolation is one of its best features. This picture-perfect spot featured towards the end of the film The Eagle starring Channing Tatum as a Roman soldier. If you do plan on visiting you’ll need a pair of sturdy walking shoes, and be aware that the climb is steep and unsuitable for youngsters and pushchairs.