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Vivid Sydney Festival 2011

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011 in Adventure | Comments Off on Vivid Sydney Festival 2011

Vivid Sydney Festival 2011

Tonight Sydney has been presenting an inspirational and breathtaking light presentation at the third annual Vivid Sydney Festival 2011.  The festival has taken off tonight and will continue to display creative art work, light sculpture, and Firedance by 13 June 2011. There is a lot to see, all those who attended the Vivid Sydney Festival witnessed the wonders as leading musicians contributed from the worldwide to stimulate the excitement of the festival. Not only local music bands were there to exalt the inspiration of the festival but many international top musicians were there to entertain the spectators.

The vivid Sydney festival 2011 was projecting a blended mixture of music, light, and ideas altogether. Besides, there were lights every where, the start of the festival was decorated and adorned with glittering units of 40 lights these arrangements were made the famous French artist team “SUPERBIEN”. The interactive light sculptures were put on display for the connoisseurs, summing up the entire festival has become the creative hub of the Asia Pacific_ it’s really worth exploring.  If you can’t attend the festival live or contribute you can watch the live streaming of vivid creative Sydney at Youtube- keep exploring.

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