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Vienna at night

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Vienna at night

Austria officially “Republic of Austria”, is a country in Central Europe. Around Austria there are Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Currently, the chancellor is Werner Faymann. Austria has been a member-state of the EU since 1995.The people in Austria speak German, a few also Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian. The capital of Austria is Vienna (Wien).Austria is more than a thousand years old. Its history can be followed to the ninth century. At that time the first people moved to the land now known as Austria. The name “Ostarrichi” is first written in an official document from 996. Since then this word has developed into the Modern German word Österreich.

Vienna State Opera House

The Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) is an opera house – and opera company – with a history dating back to the mid-19th century. It is located in the centre of Vienna, Austria. It was originally called the Vienna Court Opera (Wiener Hofoper); in 1920, it was renamed the Vienna State Opera. The members of the Vienna Philharmonic are recruited from its orchestra.

St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Archduke Charles of Austria Equestrian Statue at Heldenplatz

Austrian Parliament

The National Council is composed of 183 members elected through proportional representation in a general election. This happens every five years, or earlier if the National Council prematurely moves for its own dissolution. The National Council is the dominant (albeit ‘lower’) house in the Austrian Parliament, and consequently the terms Parliament and National Council are commonly used synonymously.

Vienna Hofburg Palace St. Michael’s Wing

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