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Spend your Christmas in Vienna Austria

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in Travel Tips | 1 comment

Vienna Austria is one of the visited European Cities. With reasonable prices, luxury hotels, rich music and national history the Austrian Capital is one of best places in Europe to spend your winter holidays. Even out temperatures are low, with occasional snow, it only creates  an urban winter wonderland expirence to explore. The Vienna Christmas markets are spread right throughout the city and, thanks to the excellent subway system, they’re easy to get to. You can also walk through the city, taking time to enjoy the stunning architecture in the dusky light.

Don’t forget the drinking though! There’s no getting away from the fact every fourth or fifth stall has a wide range of hot alcoholic drinks to warm you up. Glugwein, or mulled wine, is the most popular. Iven when weather in Vienna is cold hot beverage can make you feel great. It’s a base red seasoned with orange, cloves and a particular mix of the maker’s choice. Sometimes the heat takes the alcohol level down… and sometimes the owners top it up again with a splash of brandy. A hunter’s tea is also quite popular, but I’m not convinced the hunter’s aim will be much good after a couple of glasses.

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