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Things to see and do in Sharm el Sheikh

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in Exotic Locations | 2 comments

Sharm el Sheikh, often referred to locally as Sharm, is an amazing holiday resort located on the southern point of the Sinai Peninsula. This makes it a popular destination for holidaying families, couples and individuals with it’s wonderful beaches, beautiful diving spots and amazing desert surround.

When looking at this amazing resort now it really is hard to imagine that it started out its life as a little fishing settlement before being turned in to the amazing hub of activity, vibrance and life that it is today. Sharm is a fairly flat level of land located between the sea and the jagged mountains nearby. This resort is modern and even boasts a local hospital which is reassuring should you encounter an accident while here (by hopefully not!).

There are many places to visit in Sharm el Sheikh and one must see destination is Na’ama Bay which forms part of the metropolitan areas. Na’ama Bay is a fantastic place to spend your evenings as it contains many wonderful restaurants and lots of fun places to visit after the dark hours have drawn in.

If you can hire a car, or a driver, while in Sharm el Sheikh you will be able to take in some of the lesser populated areas such as Mount Sinai which is simply beautiful and is a real must see place. You could always hire a guide and take in the deserts while riding on a camel, camping outdoors and getting a real feel for the amazing beauty that Egypt has to offer.

While on a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh the majority of people will be here either to dive or to swim in the beautiful waters here. Sharm is an amazing area for diving and the two reefs here, Ras Mohammed and Tiran, really are amazing spots to dive from and hard to beat almost anywhere else in the world. You can reach these reefs, from Sharm by boat, in just two hours and it really is worth every moment of your trip. There are huge amounts of fish here that will attract in Barracudas, Sharks and various other wonderful sea creatures. You will find this area to be popular, however, don’t let that put you off visiting this amazing area for some truly wonderful diving and amazing marine life.

Another amazing place to visit, if you want to dive, is the SS Thistlegorm which is a wreck that is regularly visited by diving tourists in the area. This is a fantastic wreck to visit and a truly amazing experience, particularly if this is your first time visiting a wreck.

Another amazing experience can be had if you take out some of the horses from the Sofitel Hotel Stables. You will be provided with all the equipment that you could need for your day and you can take your horse out in to the desert, a particularly favourite activity of mine to enjoy at sunset.

If you want to learn more about the kind of animals that live out in the deserts in Egypt then you can hire a guide who will take you out for the day, or longer, and allow you to get fairly close and personal to some of the wonderful creatures that live here.

It is fair to say that Egypt offers something for almost everyone and with its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and amazing cuisine you really will be blown away by the beauty of Sharm el Sheikh.

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