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10 Insane camping photos

Posted by on Dec 22, 2011 in Camping | 3 comments

When you think of camping, the first thing that springs to mind is a luscious green field, perhaps an attractive sea view in the back ground and a sizzling barbeque to the side. That might be your idea of a perfect camping trip, but some people just have to be different don’t they? This is a collection of simply incredible pictures of people camping in the most extreme conditions imaginable.  You won’t find any pictures of anyone camping in the Cotswolds in idyllic spots or pitching tents on the edge of the beach – this is a collection of the most extreme camping locations and the craziest tents in the world!
Vertical Camping

These guys aren’t bats – they are actually campers! Believe it or not these people are actually planning on spending a night like this! Obviously you have to be a pretty experienced climber to even contemplate doing something like this, but there’s no doubt that you are going to be welcomed by a pretty incredible view each morning –  a few thousand feet straight down!

These vertical campers are naturally part of a small band of people who are both technically knowledgeable enough to do this and also crazy enough to be able to sleep in thousands of feet up in the air!

Mountain Camping
Vertical climbers are in a minority, but they may well fall into the category of mountain climbers. Camping in the mountains might not sound that impressive, but when you consider that they are sometimes sleeping at around 20,000 feet above sea level, it becomes a little more impressive! Some people choose touring holidays some people choose to trek upwards for days until the air becomes so thin you can barely breathe!

This is an image of Mt Everest base camp. Believe it or not, you will be almost 18,000 feet above sea level before you set off, so despite the fact that this picture appears to be in a valley, you can rest assured that it is very high up indeed!

As you can see, these campers are even further up the famous Mt Everest. Just how high is anyone’s guess, but there’s no doubting the precarious nature of this camp. With a sheer wall of snow to one side of the camping spot and a huge ravine on the other, it’s hard to work out whether the shelter provided makes up for the perilous position of the campers!

This is a picture of Squash Falconer, a woman on a mission to become the first woman to scale Everest and paraglide back down! As it happens, she didn’t manage to paraglide back down, but she did make it to the top. This is a picture she took at Base Camp 3, which is over 7000 metres above sea level!

Tree Tents
These tents are perhaps not as scary to be in as they appear. Most have solid platforms within which mean that you can get quite a cosy night’s sleep, but from a distance they look nothing short of terrifying! Here’s a collection of some of our favourites.

This is a fantastic tear drop tree tent which has a large 9 foot wooden platform inside which actually makes camping extremely comfortable!

The main question here must be… how do you get into them?!

You will really have a ball in this tree tent!

The perfectly named Tree-Pi!

A suspended Scout Tent!

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