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Fascinating Strokkur

Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Weird | Comments Off on Fascinating Strokkur

Close to nature but rich with colorful culture too, Iceland is a unique place to spend a fascinating vacation. Icelanders are very welcoming people and always happy to share their beautiful country with visitors on Iceland vacations. And although the native language is Icelandic, almost everyone in Iceland also speaks fluent English, making it very easy for people on Iceland vacations to explore this magnificent country.

Iceland is home to several geothermal spots and it’s famous for its hot springs and a visit to the country wouldn’t be complete without an excursion to witness boiling water fire into the sky from the rocky plateau. Strokkur Geyser is the most famous of the island springs, Strokkur geyser is located next the Great Geyser, which is now dormant.

  Strokkur is one of the most predictable and famous, which erupts every 15 to 20 minutes, and reaches a height of 20 metres.

Iceland today has the reputation to be the land with the greatest variety in whole Europe. One can find landscapes from surreal to sublimes. The colors of Iceland include rust red craters, blue lakes, green mosses and the sea of black sand. Iceland is worth seeing in every direction.