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St Nectan’s Kieve Waterfall

Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Nature | Comments Off on St Nectan’s Kieve Waterfall

Saint Nectan’s Kieve in Saint Nectan’s Glen, near Tintagel in Cornwall, Great Britain, is a basin or plunge pool fed by a 60-foot-high waterfall on the Trevillet River, Kieve being an uncommon English word for ‘basin’.

The river is carved into Late Devonian slate and several earlier kieves can be seen further up the rock walls of the waterfall. The current basin is estimated to be around 12 feet deep, and the water emerges through a natural rock arch to drop a further 10 feet to a wide shallow pool.

 Sensible footwear should be worn and although dogs are welcome they must be kept on lead in the area of the Hermitage and Kieve.

┬áSaint Nectan’s Kieve is believed by some to be a sacred place, and numerous ribbons, crystals, photographs, inscriptions, prayers and other devotions now adorn the foliage and rock walls near the waterfall.

One of the great hidden gems of North Cornwall, St Nectan’s Kieve and waterfall is truly enchanting. Many visitors add small piles of flat stones obtained from the stream.

Accessed through the tea garden above, which also houses the remains of the chapel and hermitage. A steep set of steps takes you down to the bottom of the fall, where to gain the best view you must cross the stream on shallow stepping stones and stand with the water flowing around you.