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Sliding Rock in North Carolina

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 in Adventure | 63 comments

Every summer, there are large number of tourist in Sliding rock, where is located one of most beautiful and unique natural mountain waterfall. It is located in Pisgah National Forest Close to Asheville NC, where people came to slip and slide on this beautiful 60-foot mountain slider. Even water is pretty cold, visitors wait patiently for their turn and slide one-by-one. At the end of the slide they make splash into the big eight-foot deep pool, swim couple feet to get into shore and get back in the line for one more slide…

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A $1.00 per person fee is charged by the Forest Service to use the area between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, when lifeguards and rangers are on duty. The rock is closed to sliders during times of high water or when lightning is detected in the area.Β This unique natural waterslide, placed 8 miles from Brevard, is actually fueled with 11,000 gallons of water moving over the rock for every minute, making an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind excitement.

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A restroom and changing room is provided and a lifeguard is periodically on duty especially during summer weekends from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. At other times, sliding down the waterfall is done at a visitor’s own risk. .

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A pool in the bottom from the falls is 8 feet deep. Which means you need to know how to swim!

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Children must be of a certain size to slide alone, otherwise, they may slide in the lap of an adult. Blue jean bermuda and water shoes are suitable for slipping to the rock Avoiding congestion inside the parking area, no picnicking is definitely allowed.

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Picnic locations are close by at Pink Beds, 4 miles aside.The rock is definitely used like a natural water slip for adventurous type of visitors and also locals. Water is extremely cold and it is favorite for cooling off in summer time.

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The nearest camping region to Sliding Rock is a National Forest Service’s Davidson River Campground.

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To get to the recreation area and the falls, travel north from the intersection of U.S. Highway 276, approximately 7.7 miles north of the intersection of 276, U.S. Highway 64, and NC Highway 280 in Brevard, North Carolina. Enroute, you will pass Looking Glass Falls and the parking area for Moore Cove Falls.

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  1. Really I like It Very Much Such a Nice Pictures

  2. nice place… passion to visit..thanks for sharing

  3. We have a place just like this in Triangle Lake area in Oregon. Except that the men here do not hold hands when they go down the slides like pic 4. Just sayin’

    • I’ve seen dudes slide down the one in Oregon on their feet.

    • So does that mean people in Oregon are generally homophobic and look down on such things? Hm, I heard differently. I thought Oregon was a much more accepting state. Oh, well. Shows how much I know, living here my whole life and all.

    • But do they color coordinate in OR?

    • I have seen the guys go down on their feet too! But Definitely never seen any holding hands. We got 9 people on a small air mattress once, that was EPIC!

    • Do you have a problem with men holding hands?

    • It’s sad that it should even matter if a couple guys hold hands or not.

    • If you think a couple of guys holding hands is an issue, you’ve obviously never been to Asheville πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve been there numerous times, and I do say, I much preferred it before it was industrialized.

    • went there in 1966 whore the bottom of my cutoffs off (JEANS) oNE of the best memoirs

  5. I live in this area and I love it. But I have never known them to charge any money. Nice pictures.

  6. I used to go here as a kid. Have not thought about this place in years. Loved it.

  7. I’m also from Oregon, and I can attest that dudes from NC probably have the same color shorts because that’s the school colors of NC State.

    • School colors of UNC, not NC State. And when did men holding hands begin to matter in this world?

      • then THAT enplanes why they are HOLDING HANDS!!!! jus saying

  8. That looks like fun! I’ve seen rock sliding like this in Sedona, Arizona but didn’t try it (because it was early spring and the water looked freezing!)

    • Slide rock is always cold whether youre there during the hottest time of year! Shame on you for not trying it!

  9. I would have thought there’d be less implied homophobia in the northwest, just sayin’

  10. Very cool place! It looks similar to a place I went to near Tallulah Falls in North Georgia. There was a sliding rock there also.

  11. I want to go to this place… It might encourage me to bathe someday πŸ˜€

    • That’s really thinknig of the highest order

  12. I live right near this πŸ˜€

    • I envy you for living close to such a wonderful place.

    • A wonderful job. Super helpful inforamiton.

  13. In the 3rd photo.

    EVERY single girl there is oner weight if not obese.

    It is a shame that people in America can’t respect their bodies.

    • Good point man. I think it is the fact that they can’t balance good times with the obligation to maintain and not over indulge. It is like their parents tell them since they are very young that if they don’t consume everything in the world as quickly as they can, then someone will take it right out from under there noses and they will then feel severe loss and regret.
      What a sad nation.

    • Are you kidding? Maybe a couple of the girls are overweight, but none of them are obese and most are a healthy weight. I would hate to see what you would classify as a healthy weight? A runway model?

      It’s a shame how disrespectful some people are of other people’s bodies.

    • Overweight? Try just about right.

      Much skinnier than that and it’s called anorexia, not anorsexia…

      I live here and while a good majority of people here are overweight, those girls are just fine.

      • ” I would hate to see what you would classify as a healthy weight? A runway model?”
        Actually, yes, yes i would. Not all of those girls are overweight, but there not “just fine” either. I mean red top…. and a girl in a shirt are never a good thing.

        I never,ever comment on garbage like this, I just found it absolutely hilarious that you people were arguing over fat girls on a rock slide. Cheers

        • I rlealy couldn’t ask for more from this article.

  14. I remember doing this once when I was about seven. Lots of fun, but the water was FREEZING! and even worse since I was a Florida boy at the time.

  15. try again..

  16. I live right near this
    Thank you!

  17. That looks like fun! Wish i go there…

  18. See, and Dave:

    Really? I’d say there are only 2 girls who could maybe shed a few pounds – but who am I to judge? Who are YOU? I think you and Dave are taking this waaaay to deep, try to relax a little, eh?

    It really is a sad nation, but not because of a few healthy girls are on a water-slide. Maybe you should Google….oh, I don’t know: “Anorexic girls in water”? That might make you feel better about the state of the nation.

  19. And, by the way, cool post – since that is really the point here, right? (not the state of the nation, or the guys with the same colored shorts, or who’s holding hands…..sigh……

    Anyway, I would definitely want to wait for a hot day to jump in there, it sounds like! But it looks really fun -I’d give it a go……amazing to think of the time it took the water to smooth the rock in the manner it has.

    Thanks, Zack

    • I wanted to spend a mitnue to thank you for this.

  20. Let’s all be ignorant and argue about the U.S. some more! Yay! πŸ˜€

  21. Awesome! nice picss

  22. Beautiful.Thank you!

  23. I’d rather just piss my pants and ride a slide at the local park. Wait in line and pay to slide down a 40 foot water slide….umm, I’ll pass.

  24. Why do I need to know how to swim if there are lifeguards? What is the point of paying then? I will make those lazy bums earn their pay.

  25. I have been here and this place is aweesoooooooooooooome

  26. i live here and been there twice

  27. There’s also a place just like this in New Hampshire called otter rocks, water is really cold there

  28. nice sliding pics keep going on. i like it


  30. There is a similar formation in Big Canoe Georgia, used to love going down them. Be sure to wear thick shorts or you will be giving everyone a show after a couple slides.

  31. There is a place in Linn Run State Park in Ligonier, PA that has a slide like this. Only our slide is much smoother and much longer.

  32. I went there when I was 7. It was one of the treks we took from Camp Carolina, just out of Brevard. I remember thinking it was endless, but seeing the pics now, it still looks pretty big. There was also an ongoing dare to go skinny dipping. I did it and still remebrer the burns afterwards, so don’t try I! πŸ˜‰ I will definitely take my kids there when they are old enough. What a memory!! Thanks!!

  33. Seems like that could hurt a little bit. Very natural but bet you come off with some scratches and scrapes.

  34. A slide like that needs a large raft to help slide down the water fast.

  35. Wow, flashback. I went to Camp Osceola in Horseshoe NC when I was eight (Iam 55 now!). We went to sliding rock 5 or 6 times with the camp that summer. It was a total blast! It always seemed so huge to me, to see the small drop and small pool at the bottom now, well, I remember the drop like it was 30 feet and the pool as some huge whiirlpool of deep water! Funny!

  36. amazing scenery and it looks really fun

  37. So much fun! This looks exactly like a place I went to in Northern Thailand. Did you hurt your bum?

  38. Nice post. I did not see it before. People are enjoying much in a water.

  39. Many of the people commenting here are hateful assholes. nature is awesome. shut up.

  40. That looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing the pictures, definitely will have to visit sliding rock if we are in the Asheville, NC area. I am assuming it is smoother given the amount of water that flows over the rock.


  41. Nature at its best here

  42. It looks exciting, and scary as well cause for sure, it will leave a pain in the ass, literally XDDD

  43. This is my first time visit at here and i am in fact happy to read everthing
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