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Setbacks on the road

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Setbacks on the road

Traveling is something that can bring fulfilling experiences along with challenges. It’s one of those things in life that will make you grow, bring smiles and some tears, amazing memories and great new friends, along with some difficult situations. Long-term traveling, especially, brings with it a diverse and unique set of experiences, many wonderful and some also challenging. So, if you have decided to live abroad or spend a good chunk of time away from home, get ready for a life-changing experience immersed in a different culture; you will return home a changed person. Above all be sure to prepare for some of the challenges that are likely to arise.

Going over budget


Sometimes, when traveling long-term, people can go over the budget they planned for themselves. This is a very common problem, especially when on an extended trip. It can be very difficult to estimate how much money you will need if you are to be away from home for several months or more at a time. Many unexpected things can come up; for example, spontaneous trips, expensive accommodation or transportation or simply overspending on food and activities. Even the best-intentioned of travelers can spend more than they expect while abroad, especially if they are not working at the time. So what can you do if you find your cash slowly dwindling? One option might be to try a work share program like WWOOF or Workaway, where you can exchange a set number of work hours for accommodation and meals. It’s a great way to connect with locals and sharpen a skill while saving a good chunk of money. Many hosts prefer volunteers who can stay for a several weeks or more, so it’s perfect for long-term travelers.

Having money stolen

This is the most unfortunate money situation, and it does happen among travelers. Having money stolen is not an uncommon occurrence and something which should be prepared for. If you use public transportation like buses and trains, be aware of pickpockets who will be ready to nab your wallet or cash the moment you are distracted. To prevent a complete loss if you are robbed keep your cash and cards separate or keep amounts of cash in different places in your bags. Always use lockers in hostels to keep your valuables safe. If you do get your money stolen while traveling you can always use Transfast.com to have cash wired from home by friends or family. It’s important to know how to get money sent online in case you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Other crimes

It is important to be aware of the incidence of crimes while traveling. Use common sense to avoid being a victim of robbery or other street crime. Never go out at night alone, especially if you are a woman. Use your intuition when deciding whether to trust someone you have just met, especially if they want to travel along with you. Most times, your gut will tell you if the individual is trustworthy.