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A Review of “Solly’s” in North London

Posted by on May 10, 2012 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on A Review of “Solly’s” in North London

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to London on business, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of kosher dining options near our hotel. First of all, let me tell you, do not forgot to bring a no foreign transaction fee credit card when travelling abroad or you’ll be as sorry as I was when checking my bank statement after the trip. I did, however, manage to avoid airline bag fees, which helped some, but without the best travel credit card my spending was truly abhorrent. In any case, Solly’s was a favorite local eatery for me, and luckily they only accept cash, so I thought I’d share my experience here for any of you planning a London trip in the future.

Solly’s is a little Israeli-style food joint with great menu choices and reasonable prices. From kibbe and vine leaves to delicious and crunchy lamb-filled cigars, in addition to a number of goulash soups, there’s something for everyone here. The main courses include great lamb, steaks, and burgers, and the chicken comes with the breast fried in crumbs or boneless, marinated thighs that are perfectly chargrilled. Each main course comes with basmati rice, or chips, and a mixture of cabbage and lettuce in a nice vinegar dressing. Takeaway is also a great option and is a bit cheaper, with crisp falafel and spicy shwarma as my favorites in my takeout experiences there. Whether traveling with companions or flying solo, the cozy, friendly atmosphere at Solly’s is a perfect fit for anyone seeking a quality meal in North West London.