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Princess Cruises Escape Completely

Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Adventure | 1 comment

Who will win this year?s presidential election? We may not yet know the answer to this question, but the for the next few weeks we sure will be told who should. Commercial after commercial, headline after headline, the fall season every election cycle is one ?lled with negativity and irritation. Wouldn?t it be great to just get away from it all?

Now, through November 6, Princess Cruises wants to make this dream come true. That?s why the Princess Cruises Escape Completely sweepstakes are giving you the chance to win a free Caribbean or West Coast cruise, and drown out all the noise in the meantime.

Win a free cruise by registering to get e-mails from Princess, and you may be one of the ten weekly participants who receive Princess? “Golden Ticket”. It?s that easy. Or, go to www.princess.com, to participate in Princess? “Ballot Box Trivia Challenge” for a chance to join the campaign to escape completely and win a trip on the brand new, state of the art Royal Princess line.

The winner this election season doesn?t have to be a Democrat or a Republican, but it can be you and a loved one. Play today for your chance to win!

One Comment

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