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Paradise Island Atlantis Resort and Casino

Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in Adventure | Comments Off on Paradise Island Atlantis Resort and Casino

Are you feeling lucky? Get away from the day in day out pressure of the office and escape to a dream vacation in the Bahamas’ beautiful Paradise Island. There you will find the world class resort and casino Atlantis. Spend your days in the sun on the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas, sipping on the sweet cocktails of the islands watching the crystal clear water rolling in the on the white sand beaches. Everything you ever hoped a vacation could be.

 Once the sunsets, get dressed for a night of excitement. Invite yourself to the luxurious Atlantis Resort and Casino, hit the craps tables, try your hand at Blackjack , or see how you fare at the poker table. Are you feeling lucky? Online gaming has it’s time and place, but the humdrum of your everyday life is calling you away to someplace exotic, it is calling you away to the excitement of Paradise Island.

 Pack your black tie and swim suit and prepare yourself for the relaxation of the Bahamas’ lush beaches, and the exhilaration of your nightly escapades at the Atlantis Resort and Casino’s tables. Who knows, with enough luck your vacation might end up being on them?