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One of the longest caves, the Lamprechts hole cave (Lamprechtshöhle)

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Nature | Comments Off on One of the longest caves, the Lamprechts hole cave (Lamprechtshöhle)

 While there are countless caves that can be visited throughout Europe, perhaps one of the most popular destinations is that of the Lamprecht’s Cave (Lamprechtshöhle) which can be found in Austria. The Lamprechtsofen is located in the northermost outcrop of the Leoganger Steinberge. It is the youngest of the Dachstein Caves.

lamprechtshöhle_The cave itself is the center of clouded and deep mystery that dates back to the days of the Crusades. According to local legend, the cave was named after a member of the Knights Templar, Knight Lamprecht, who is said to have brought back treasure from the Crusades. Fearing that someone will try to take his treasure, he hid it in the caves. His two daughters inherited the treasure, but soon the greedier one stole her sister’s share and and hid it deeper in the Lamprecht Cave.
lamprechtshöhle_1For centuries, countless people have made their way into the Lamprecht’s Cave in an attempt to find the long-lost treasure that is said to be hidden somewhere deep inside.
lamprechtshöhle_2It is considered to be one of the most extensive cave systems in all of Europe. Furthermore it is also one of the deepest caves in the world which can be completely accessed by foot. One does not have to be a cave expert to traverse the meandering passageways that have been carved out over the millennia by raging floodwaters.
lamprechtshöhle_3Neither impressive sinter formations nor ice can be found in the Lamprecht Cave. But a waterfall, subterranean brooks, lakes and the enormous dimension of the cave make up for that! And although the cave is a show cave, it also is a river cave. It is impossible to visit the cave in times of heavy rain or in the spring.
lamprechtshöhle_4For the most part, even though the depth of the Lamprecht’s Cave is more than 1632 meters, the 50 kilometres of caverns that consists of the Lamprecht’s Cave network are easily accessed. However, due to floodwaters it can also be a very dangerous place. Over the years advanced alarm system has been installed within the cave in order to warn any people of potential flooding.