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Mediterranean cruises

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Exotic Locations | 1 comment

Mediterranean cruises are a rare kind of holidays where you get a chance to explore the envied culture of a place as well as well its culture, historical values, and more.  You actually discover a lot of things when you set-out with a Mediterranean cruise- sitting for hours on the beach and soaking warm sun rays into your bones; walking down along the trail of shores with fresh breeze touching your body; and getting to know treasure islands to expand your knowledge. Briefly, you take a break out of your boring schedules when you land on those golden Islands one-by-one that have a history to share with you and ability to make your cruise a such a magical and unforgettable memory of your life’s book.  In short Mediterranean cruises you get a sneak peak at Mediterranean lifestyle, and realize how beautiful the life is for those who are living out there on the Islands and have a beautiful climate to keep themselves calmed and relaxed even in the hustle and bustle of life.


When you are on a Mediterranean cruise you feel that life has broad meanings, and this is when you voyage around different sunny lands attached with port cities helping people like in their adventure. And this assortment of port cities is all connected with the Mediterranean Sea. This is up to you to explore these small cities and you can take your decision yourself. You can either plan for Western Mediterranean cruise, or Eastern Mediterranean Cruise.  In the former cruise, you can come across adventures like beaches, small-cities, and resorts, and in the latter cruise you can explore ancient culture of Greek or Ephesus or more.


When you settle for a Western Mediterranean holiday cruise, your ship will take you from Barcelona, Rome, or Genoa. And then you will be sailed to the posts of call such as Balearic Islands or you can choose another famous destination Italy.  In Balearic Islands you can explore around Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Forementera, and in Italy you can find a lot of historical places to have fun at such as Rome and Pisa.  Mediterranean cruises generally have specific places for the stops and these include Morocco, Monte Carlo, Malta, and Croatia.


The Eastern Mediterranean cruise calls at the ports which are embarkation and debarkation. These two are also known as the main ports that start from the Aegean Sea and go up to the Adriatic. If you ever wanted to have a look at ancient cities, you should be very pleased with your cruise because you can visit Olympia in Greece. It may sound like a dream indeed.  You can also explore Croatian cost, and Ephesus in Turkey. If this is your firs time with Mediterranean voyage you should sail on a big ship that’s going to cover all ports of call. It’s not difficult to find out a good ship, you also need to make sure if you will be provided with all possible facilities, amenities, and services on-board. If you haven’t have any clear idea of a cruise ship, you can opt for either Carnival Cruise or Costa Rica cruise whichever sounds perfect to you.



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  1. You will have alot of friends.To begin with your going with your esnfidsro it should be fun regardless.Tanning on the deck,watching movies,dancing,getting dressed up or wutever its alot of fun with friends.Plus spring break is when all teens and college students take a cruise so you can meet some people.Bring a few different swimsuits, alot of shorts and tees, and also formal clothing. U can choose to eat dinner at the fancy resteraunt they have onboard and you need to dress up for that. I have seen some people where prom dresses and stuff but personally i say you go for a cocktail dress or something like that. oh and some clubbing clothes just in case.If i were u i wud back off the alcohol cuz alot of crazy stuff has happened to ppl that were drunk no joke.When you get off the ship at ur different destinationsmake sure that where ur gonna go is safe.Personally i dont like the whole touristy part of the citycuz im fun and adventerousbut some places are really dangerous and u get mugged among other things..Dont worry..you’ll have fun!