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Malmaison Brasserie experience in Birmingham

Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on Malmaison Brasserie experience in Birmingham

A complemented interior and exterior of Brasserie makes it most relaxing and enjoyable spot for amateurs of expert dinning. Located in the center of city, Brasserie, just like many other Birmingham Restaurants offers only finest dishes and foods that are sourced from two miles and even more. In menu you will find plenty of exquisite dishes to order such as pheasants, venison, ducks, soups, ham, fish, rabbit, quail, rice, poached egg, mushrooms, and blackdown rocket.

Upon entering the eatery you will discover an elegance setting where you would be followed upstairs to the well-designed bar. In the bar you can take pre-dinner soft drink or order strong wine of your choice. When you are ready and set to eat at your table, served you are three types of different starters, in the appeasing atmosphere of soft jazz music. Crusty bread, Gazapacho of local tomato and cucumber, and black pudding with touch of apple and bacon are three starters that you can order and enjoy. Besides there are many soups, grills, and fruits to pick from the menu. The variety is simply huge and tempting, you can pick on any dish as judging your taste buds.