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Looking to Study Abroad but Not Sure Where?

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on Looking to Study Abroad but Not Sure Where?

In these ultra modern times when, thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, the world is smaller than it has ever been, getting out there and seeing what’s about has never been more important. Whether you are looking to see the world to add to that all important CV or just feel that you are missing something, a period of study abroad plugga utomlands will definitely help with both by allowing you to see the world and study the language and culture of your host nation whilst polishing off that CV nicely. But where to go?


Whilst many people overlook Japan when it comes to spreading their wings to Asia, it is truly one of the power players of the Asian continent. The country is one of the most stable of the Asian nations and this attracts thousands of business opportunities that the more volatile or restricted countries do not enjoy, perfect for studying abroad without changing your life completely! As well as this, Japanese japanska has long been recognised as a language on the rise with hundreds of language schools springing up just waiting to teach their native tongue to willing students. You can study the language pretty much anywhere, whether you fancy a jaunt in Tokyo where bright neon signs contrast with the millennia of history or Osaka and Kyoto if you feel more suited to the smaller areas. At least you can be sure that your study abroad experience in Japan will be filled with adventure and excitement.


As the EU institutions knock through walls in the interpreting booths and convert storage cupboards into delegate offices ready for Croatia’s entry into the European Union, companies and universities alike are scrambling to create opportunities in this, the latest admission into the old boys club that is the EU. As a result of being sworn in as the 28th member state, Croatia’s language and economy are seeing vital boosts in popularity, with large conglomerates taking advantage of the comparatively cheap real estate prices for their European headquarters. As well as this increasing global importance, the country is also a beautiful place to study with several islands forming this unusual nation. Attractions such as the Plitvice lakes and ancient Dubrovnik throw you into a whole new world, far from mainland Europe and home to fantastic study abroad opportunities.


For those traditionalists among us, there is nothing like France when it comes to study abroad. If you are looking to stay within the comfort zone of the western hemisphere then French plays a huge part in international diplomacy, business  and culture. As one of the official languages of the EU, the UN and the Olympics, there is little to stop you adding this language to your skill set. Cities such as Lyon and Nice offer fantastic language courses without the heavy English influence that you may feel Paris has succumbed to.