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Beautiful Lake Powell Arizona

Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Nature | 1 comment

Lake Powell is like no other place on earth. One of the most popular lakes in Arizona, Lake Powell is a narrow, 186-mile-long body set amid the deep canyons, rocky outcrops and spectacular scenery of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Formed by one of the world’s highest dams and the waters of the Colorado River. With almost 2,000 miles of shoreline, endless sunshine, warm water perfect weather and some of the most spectacular scenery in the west, Lake Powell is the ultimate playground.

 Millions of year ago, erosion from the Colorado River carved Glen Canyon, which straddles the border between modern-day Arizona and Utah. A combination of volcanic lava, erosion and wind then created the rock formations surrounding the canyon.

 Rent a houseboat or enjoy in Resorts and hotel and hop aboard a guided expedition. Explore canyons, test your skills at wakeboarding and spend the evening snuggled by the campfire under a canopy of gleaming stars for your recreation. If you’re not staying on a houseboat, Lake Powell camping is an incredible way to enjoy the beauty of the shoreline during your stay.

 The lake boasts a surface area of 162,700 acres and 1,960 miles of meandering shoreline – making it the perfect destination for fishing, water sports, houseboating and myriad other outdoor activities.

 The second largest man-made lake in the United States is the playground for Page, Arizona, and nearly three million visitors annually. Lake Powell is one of the best-known spots for fishing in Arizona, with an abundance of game fish thriving in its clear waters.

 Boats and PWC’s can be rented from businesses in Page and at each of four marinas with tour boat cruises—from one hour up to seven hours—offered year round at Wahweap and Bull Frog marinas.

 Photographic opportunities abound. You can even take a scenic flight by plane or helicopter over the lake, which provides a bird’s eye view of how far some those 96 canyons extend from the main channel.

 Lake Powell houseboat rentals are another popular option for visitors. There are 96 major canyons to explore though you’ll need a water craft for the majority of them since access is limited because there are few roads.

 Once you travel by boat a few miles from any of the marinas you’ll find yourself in another world with a skyline unmarred by signs of civilization.


One Comment

  1. Although the town of Paige and the dam is in Arizona, almost all of the lake and the other marinas are in Utah. There is even a automobile ferry that that crosses the lake near BullFrog Marina about half up the lake. Most camping on the shore is only accessible by boat because most of the shoreline is cliffs and is affected by the height of the waterline. Not noted, but very spectacular, is the sudden water falls that occur just after a rain, although quite rare in Utah. But when it does rain, it most often storms, and can be very dangerous on the lake with winds whipping down these canyons. Be aware and take precautions, but the other 95% of the year its just as pictured – an undiscovered world for most of us.