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Kiev is the place where West meets East

Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Adventure | 1 comment

Known as the ‘mother of Rus’, the Ukraine’s first city has much to offer for tourists besides  excellent beer and cheap vodka. Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra is the oldest and largest cave monastery in the world  and fully deserves a day devoted to strolling around its ancient walls, underground passages, churches and tall belltowers. Historical jewelry museum of Lavra exhibits tonns of Skyph, Greek, Roman and Rus adornments, coins and decorations of gold, silver and diamonds found on the territory of Ukraine. There are many old golden domed churches in Kiev, built of some 1000 years ago – St.Andrew’s church, Mykhailivska, Sofiivska, Kyrylivska churches. So it’s no coincidence that the Kiev is also renowened as “the city of a thousand golden domes”

Visit the Andriivsky descent – place for artists, painters and handicraftsmans for a souvenir and picturesque piece of history, then make a beeline to Kiev parks: romantic Mariinsky parkland with Russian Tsar’s palace and lover’s bridge. Whether you have a week or a couple of days, this amazing city is the excellent place to enjoy a vacations combining culture and relaxation.

Extreme holiday-makers may be intrested in Chornobyl (Prypiat) tour – this abandoned city with red forest near Kiev does not leave indifferent anyone coming there. Ukainians are open-hearty, helpful and sincere people, that being said exists language barrier – English almost is not known so far as Ukraine in the past and  even at present is aside of world’s tourist flows. Another feature is exuberant hotel prices, excessive for middle-class travellers but renting apartment in Kiev can be the  solution.



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