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Jacob’s Well, Wimberley, Texas

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Weird | 25 comments

Jacob’s Well is a significant karstic spring, the largest perennial spring in the Texas Hill Country. It flows from the most extensive underwater cave in Texas, opening in the bed of Cypress Creek, a few miles north of Wimberley, Texas.The twelve foot (four meter) diameter mouth of the cave serves as a popular swimming and water recreation spot for the local land owners whose properties adjoin Cypress Creek. From the opening in the creek bed, Jacob’s Well descends vertically for about thirty feet (ten meters), continuing from there at an angle as a series of chambers separated by narrow, often deeply silted and unstable necks, ultimately reaching a depth of at least one hundred and twenty feet (forty meters).

From the dawn of recorded history until the modern era, the Trinity Aquifer-fed natural artesian spring gushed water from the mouth of the cave and as much as thirty feet (ten meters) into the air.


With the decrease in water flow through the submarine cave system, divers were for the first time able to descend to the first chambers. Jacob’s Well has the notoriety of being one of the most dangerous underwater caves for SCUBA divers.


At least eight divers have lost their lives while exploring Jacob’s Well. At least four chambers have been explored, the last of which requires passage through a neck barely large enough for a diver to fit with his air tanks.








  1. That looks both cool and creepy at the same time. Someone should get permission to explore it with one of the remote controlled mini-subs. Anyway, cool stuff. Great photos!

    • Just what i was thinking

    • Most of the cave is not dangerous. I dove in it a number of times in the late 60s when I was an undergraduate at UT. There is a back chamber, however, that you enter only through a narrow opening at the floor. The floor is slanted down toward the chamber and consists of loose gravel. If you enter the back chamber, as I did more than once, there is a risk that gravel will slide and close the opening. Then you’re trapped and drown when you run out of air. I did a lot of stupid things when young.

  2. Simply beautiful.

  3. Awesome place to hang out.. 🙂

  4. awesome places

  5. For some reason , it reminds e of that movie …”The Abyss” :). Looks intriguing and inviting at the same time.

  6. Is any part of this open to the public, or is it all private property? Looks like a great spot to stop through while traveling, maybe do a canoe trip.

  7. Sorry to hear about the 8 divers whom lost their lives. Adventure can be a dangerous hobby, especially for the most dangerous underwater cave known to divers. Stunning photography! Thanks for sharing your experience, and good luck in future travels!

  8. Good moves diving and swimming in it, spreading fecal matter from the stupid assholes sloshing around.

  9. THAT’S SO COOL!…Until a giant eel eats your face.

  10. Now I have my Go Pro I’ll take the plunge!!

  11. Simply awesome. …..

  12. This is just a stunning spot. Mother Nature at her best

  13. I live down the road from this place, you can scuba dive down the well with certain companies in Wimberley (the town near by). But you wouldn’t be able to use a mini sub. People also grab big rocks and then dive into it, the rock drags them to the bottom then they swim back up. Isn’t that deep of a hole, there’s also a murder story that goes with it.

  14. I can’t imagine a better slice of heaven than a swimming hole like that on a hot summer day!

  15. My husband scuba dived in Jacob’s Well back in the 70’s. We always go by to pay homage when we are in the area. It is a lovely, serene and kind of scary place.

  16. so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Very good this momen

  18. That looks so fun. But if I took my best friend he said he would not go because he is scared of heights.

  19. Wow, that’s some serious looking depth in the first shot….dunno if i could make the plunge on the first try =P

  20. Beautiful but.. looks absolutely scary! Is it still open to the public?

  21. Cool Place!

  22. Beautiful ~ looks magical ~ dark and deep. I would never jump into a dark deep hole ~ forgetaboutit ~ Italians don’t do it that way 🙂

  23. Nice Hole!