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Is All Inclusive Worth It?

Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on Is All Inclusive Worth It?

In recent years, all inclusive has grown dramatically in popularity. It’s got a lot to do with tour operators bumping up their range of all inclusive holidays and making them more affordable, as this has become a big consideration in today’s economy for tourists and families looking to go away on a strict budget.


All inclusive is traditionally one of the more expensive ways to book a hotel, given that this style of board basis includes all meals, snacks and drinks, which therefore costs the hotel more. But it can actually represent huge savings for customers as it covers all the meal requirements – particularly where all inclusive holiday deals are concerned – and removes the need for holidaymakers to fork out on restaurants, snacks, drinks and ice creams throughout the day.


So if you’re thinking of going all inclusive, it will usually be well worth the slightly extra cost at the booking stage – especially if you can get a good deal or a low-cost upgrade. All inclusive holiday deals are increasingly easy to come by which helps to make your holiday that little bit sweeter. However, all inclusive only represents great savings if you’re the type of holidaymaker that spends most of their time around the hotel pool, or lazing on the nearest beach.

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If you like to get out and about during your trip, going on day trips with picnics, staying out late and eating in local restaurants, all inclusive probably wont be for you. In this case, a self-catering apartment or bed and breakfast would probably be a better fit.


Whatever type of holiday you’re after, you can either book your own hotel with a scheduled flight or book a package break through a tour operator like Thomas Cook. Look out for those tempting special offers and, if you find an all inclusive deal that’s too good to miss, why not give it a go? It might just become your new favourite style of holiday.