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Gorman Falls, Texas

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Nature | Comments Off on Gorman Falls, Texas

The most dramatic site in Colorado Bend State Park and the most popular with visitors is Gorman Falls, a 60-foot waterfall tumbling over a cliff and misting a stand of maiden hair ferns and other lush, tropical vegetation.

Gorman is one of the few waterfalls that actually gets bigger over time instead of diminishing. The same quality that makes that possible also makes the area extremely sensitive.
These falls are comprised solely of travertine, otherwise known as calcium deposits. The top layers of the deposit are extremely fragile and are easily damaged. One misguided hiking boot could do it.

Gorman Falls are least where you would expect them, emerging from a spring near the base of the falls.  So instead of being confined to one or two paths, the falls seems to fall in whatever way it pleases.