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For the Best Carp Fishing Holidays in France!

Posted by on Aug 21, 2010 in Exotic Locations | Comments Off on For the Best Carp Fishing Holidays in France!

For the Best Carp Fishing Holidays in France!

If you believe in the axiom “Happiness is a fishing rod in your hand” then head for the finest carp fishing in France! You must check out the location first. Your carp fishing holidays in France will be spent in a serene and secure fishing lake spread over a four-acre area in one of the most picturesque countryside covering some ten acres. The lake itself is set among thickly wooded verdant land with absolutely awesome views. Since the lake is fed by streams and natural springs, it is regularly replenished and rejuvenated throughout the year. The water quality is excellent and due to its optimum temperature you are assured to find your favorite carps swimming by.

For your carp fishing in France you’ll not be restricted during the day or night and the area can easily accommodate 15 rods among 5 anglers. There are some two tonnes of carp that range between 22 lb and upwards of 50 lb. Your carp fishing holidays should therefore assure you of adequate carp to keep your interest alive! 2 kg pikes are also available in the area to add to the variety. You just need to bring your sleeping bags and clothes besides torches and batteries. There’s a bait boat on hire besides camping stove, kettle, spod rods and marker rods. The carp care kit, 42″ landing net, protection mat and safety weigh sling would be supplied.

The facilities for your carp fishing in France are excellent and comprise of an area for your refreshment and comfort. This area is open around the clock. It has facilities for making your tea and coffee. There’s a refrigerator cum freezer where you can store supplies. There are adequate power points for mobile phones and the batteries for your camera.

You could make your carp fishing holidays more complete and enjoyable by opting to stay in a very comfortable and fully furnished suite of two bedrooms. It overlooks the lake and you could book your home-cooked Indian or Thai meals as well. For the ultimate order the weekly barbecue and make your carp-fishing holiday most memorable.