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Five reasons to visit the Red Sea resort of Taba

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on Five reasons to visit the Red Sea resort of Taba

When it comes to Red Sea resorts, Sharm el Sheikh is often the name on everyone’s lips, but there’s a lesser known but by no means less beautiful destination just around the corner. That resort is Taba, or Taba Heights, and though it’s a slightly smaller scale affair compared to big brother Sharm, it’s got plenty to offer holidaymakers. Here are five reasons you should stick Taba at the top of your holiday hitlist.


It’s one of the closest places to the UK to find year-round sunshine
There are very few places within relatively easy travel of the UK that boast good temperatures all the year through and this particular peninsula of the Red Sea is one of them. Within just five hours you can be greeted by temperatures that rarely dip below 20C and regularly soar into the low to mid 30s in summer months.

The area is geographically breath-taking
Situated close to the border with Israel on the Sinai Peninsula and overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, Taba is geographically impressive.  It’s got the miles of coastline holidaymakers expect and demand from a sunshine resort but is also backed by red the Sinai Mountains, which have spectacular views.

It’s a haven for marine enthusiasts
The Red Sea itself is a hive of activity, for visitors and the natives. As well as a full range of water sports and activities, the area boasts entrancing marine life, which makes it perfect for a spot of snorkelling.


There’s real cultural diversity
Red Sea resorts are famed for their all-inclusive deals but there are also impressive restaurants to explore and friendly welcomes from locals to be enjoyed.  Friday night is festival night in Taba town and if you venture into the square you’ll be greeted by music and dancing. And, if you want to venture a little further afield, you can choose to visit the nearby island of Pharaoh by ferry and enjoy its coral reef and 12th century fortress.

A holiday in Taba Heights is more affordable than you’d think
If you like life’s little luxuries you can find them in Taba for less than you may expect, with holiday company, Very Cheap Holidays providing great value Taba holidays here. As a slightly more secret sibling to Sharm el Sheikh you can find some impressive deals here, particularly if you pop over for a spot of Autumn or Winter sun when temperatures are slightly milder.