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Coolest Club Nights on the Planet

Posted by on Apr 18, 2015 in Adventure | Comments Off on Coolest Club Nights on the Planet

Clubs have always attracted people who appreciate music, dance and atmosphere. The traditional club spaces continue to thrive and draw in large crowds but the new trend is for individual club nights in cool venues. Whether you like a techno night out, delight in a bit of dubstep or prefer the old skool garage classics, there is a club waiting for you. Check out these amazing venues that guarantee the holy trinity of clubbing; unique space, ambient lighting and amazing music.


Salon der Wilden Renate (labyrinth of circus fun) is one of those highly creative clubs where the fun you encounter just highlights the music. This is a decadent space that embraces a kitsch reality. This is a fabulous place to experience the alter ego of hardcore German house, it is a wonderland full of performance, unique music and the venue is definitely a little “Alice through the Looking Glass”. Imagine a club night in the Summer months where you can get lost in a labyrinth ( no joke), swim with friends whilst listening to some very cool beats and exchange your empty drinks bottles at the bar for a discount off the next round. This is a hidden side to Berlin’s clubbing scene but one which deserves a visit.

Eagle – New York

Gay clubs in New York have seen a steep decline during the last two decades. However, the customers have found new playgrounds and Eagle in Chelsea is one of the best. It has a different themed night every night of the week, catering from the foot fetish crowd to the leather lovers. Its a great atmosphere, world renowned DJs such as James Andersen are regularly on the decks and this is the place to come if you want to experience authentic New york City gay clubbing.

CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club) Barcelona

Eating in clubs is rather a new trend that seems to be pleasing the crowds. One club that has got this right is the Carpe Diem Lounge Club in Barcelona. It has a reputation for producing truly great food then transforming the space into a club that pulls out all of the stops. With views of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, CDLC has come up with a formula that is hard to beat. Fancy brunch with chilled beats? How about a late dinner, maybe Moroccan themed, followed by some garage beats? This is the place to be for a whole evening of pleasures for the senses.

Cirque le Soir

Enter a backdoor on an unassuming street in London. Then leap into the most outrageous and surprising clubs that London has to offer. The theme is “circus” and the atmosphere is electric. Sitting at the bar, there is a trapeze act that swings close enough to you to take a sip of your cocktail. There are freakshows, fortune tellers, popcorn galore, make up artists to give your look a bit more pazazz and a cool dancefloor. There are some sights to see in this place and it makes for an unforgettable night out. Observe from the side lines or throw yourself into the spirit of the place, anything goes. This is one of London’s most sought after dark adventures, keep eyes open for celebrities who also love a touch of the unusual. Guest list opportunities can be had through Capitalalist.

Hitting nightclubs around the globe is a great idea to get a new slant on any new city. The above do not represent the mainstream or the boring. What they represent is a trip into the unknown, a refreshing adventure into something that will wow your senses. Get involved for the most wild and crazy nights of your life.

Image sources: Wikipedia Creative Commons, TravelBusy Gallery