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How to prepare for a Holiday in South Africa

Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on How to prepare for a Holiday in South Africa


If you are visiting South Africa for less than 1 month then it is recommended to start taking your vaccinations 10 days before you depart.

All vaccinations are available from your GP and will vary in cost. As soon as you book your trip tell you doctor so they can order your vaccinations well in advance – do not leave it until the last minute as they may not stock the immunisations you need. You are recommended to have the following vaccinations at least:

  •  10 days before – Yellow Fever injection.
  •  7 days before – start taking daily Malaria tablets and get your Hepatitis A jab.
  •  1 day before – Diptheria and Tetanus injections.

If you’re staying in South Africa longer than 1 month check traveldoctor and visit your GP for more information.


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How to Prepare Beach Wedding Vacation

Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Travel Tips | 4 comments

Summer season is the ideal period to prepare the wedding, particularly marriage on the seaside! Try to picture you and your spouse going to an amazing place aboard your own private boat, together with your loved ones and friends journeying over the azure sea for your special day. This may be just your fantasy, however it could easily be achievable!

There are plenty of wonderful beaches in the US, however, if you’re deciding on someplace far far away, there are many superb places to host Weddings abroad as well. In Bahamas, probably the most favorite region which is wealthy in wonderful beaches and spectacular nature locations, could make a perfect spot where you could keep your exotic beach wedding ceremony and party with your loved ones and have a lot of fun.

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Apple Vacations Riu Hotels and Resorts

Posted by on May 13, 2012 in Travel Tips | 1 comment

Treat yourself to style, comfort and luxury this vacation season. Apple Vacations Riu Hotels and Resorts want to give you the royal treatment that you deserve, with exclusive vacation flights and huge value. Riu hotels and resorts have now expanded in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, giving you more places to enjoy living the life you?ve always dreamed of.

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A Review of “Solly’s” in North London

Posted by on May 10, 2012 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on A Review of “Solly’s” in North London

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to London on business, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of kosher dining options near our hotel. First of all, let me tell you, do not forgot to bring a no foreign transaction fee credit card when travelling abroad or you’ll be as sorry as I was when checking my bank statement after the trip. I did, however, manage to avoid airline bag fees, which helped some, but without the best travel credit card my spending was truly abhorrent. In any case, Solly’s was a favorite local eatery for me, and luckily they only accept cash, so I thought I’d share my experience here for any of you planning a London trip in the future.

Solly’s is a little Israeli-style food joint with great menu choices and reasonable prices. From kibbe and vine leaves to delicious and crunchy lamb-filled cigars, in addition to a number of goulash soups, there’s something for everyone here. The main courses include great lamb, steaks, and burgers, and the chicken comes with the breast fried in crumbs or boneless, marinated thighs that are perfectly chargrilled. Each main course comes with basmati rice, or chips, and a mixture of cabbage and lettuce in a nice vinegar dressing. Takeaway is also a great option and is a bit cheaper, with crisp falafel and spicy shwarma as my favorites in my takeout experiences there. Whether traveling with companions or flying solo, the cozy, friendly atmosphere at Solly’s is a perfect fit for anyone seeking a quality meal in North West London.

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Top 5 US Pet Friendly Airports

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012 in Travel Tips | 1 comment

When organising a journey together with your pet which involves traveling by plane, making sure a pleasant and safe flying experience for four-legged flier is the main priority. You have invested plenty of time studying the best animal friendly resorts that will be perfect for your furry friend, however you are worried about their safety and comfort throughout the entire process of flying. One additional thing you need to think about when traveling with your animal friend is to find proper pet insurance plans which will help you and your pet on journeys.

Philadelphia: (PHL) – Philadelphia International Airport. The PHL has seven animal alleviation parts including a mulch surface area, a bench, plus a faux fire hydrant. Every fenced in place ranges from 250 to 600 sq ft and as well provides a animal waste bag accessory and junk can.

Phoenix: Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) The  Paw Pad, the Bone Yard, and the Pet Patch are Sky Harbor’s 3 specified animalpleasant areas. All of these places provide a spot for animals to get wander, relief and sniff, along with drink freshwater. Safety gloves for cleanup are offered.

Atlanta: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). The one thousand square foot fully fenced Poochie Park consists of grass, rocks, flowers and benches to set the scene for puppies to sniff all-around, have a little exercise, and do his or her business. Becoming the world’s most popular airport, it has seen its great number of animals go through and planned to greater focus on their four legged travellers.

St. Louis: Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL). Fire hydrants are simply one of many features at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport’s a pair of outside animal relaxation places. Pets are able to enjoy off-leash inside the four hundred sq . ft . private areas and as well contain junk cans, park benches and plastic safety gloves for clean-up.

Houston: (IAH) – George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Not only does George Bush Intercontinental include 4 specified animal places, it likewise provides the only onsite kennel managed by an airline in the usa. The kennel offers 1,100 sq ft of place for runs and exercise pens, overnight kenneling, day kenneling, and pet grooming.

In some cases it gets to be very hard to care for your pet so the Pet Travel Insurance gives you the liberty of enjoyable when going on a vacation. It’s a offer which gives bunch of facilities to the owner. They’ll care for every little thing.

In cases where resorts don’t enable your mate to remain in their resorts it is when the Insurers is necessary. Sometimes if they’re wiling to support they charge high costs. In case they’re insured it is possible to ask the insurance department to pay for your entire expenses.

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Experience Opera in Sydney

Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on Experience Opera in Sydney

Sydney has so many things to offer tourists; it is hard to list them all.  From great beaches, amazing nightlife, incredible food and friendly people, Sydney promises a great time for just about anyone who decides to visit. Also, Opera has a new home in Sydney!!

Most people do not realize that in addition to all the other wonderful things Sydney is known for, it also has a thriving opera scene.  The famed Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, has graced the city skyline for nearly 40 years now.  Now, opera has a new home in Sydney!!

For three weeks this fall, starting March 24, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbor will be offering an amazing opera experience unlike anything most travelers have seen before with its production of the famed Giuseppe Verdi opera La Traviata.  This production promises stunning set design, including a floating stage, as well as a magnificent Swarovski crystal chandelier and a giant chesterfield.  La Traviata is a good first foray into the world of opera because of its accessible plot and moving score.

The Guardian has hailed this event as the “world-wide #1 opera event of 2012.”  United States director Francesca Zambello directs this production.  Australian sopranos Emma Matthews and Rachelle Durkin star in the role of Violetta, and Italian tenor Gianluca Terranova and Korean tenor Ji-Min Park star as Alfredo.

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