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Amazing Scenery of Marzamemi

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Houses | Comments Off on Amazing Scenery of Marzamemi

Just a few kilometres up the coast from Italy’s southernmost point, in the deep south-east of Sicily, is one of Sicily’s prettiest seaside villages: Marzamemi.
It was the Arabs of the 10th century who put Marzamemi on the map. They not only gave the village its poetic name, Marsà al-hamam (translating as something like Turtle Dove Bay) but also built the original tonnara (tuna processing plant), which was to become one of the most important on the island.

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Os Jardins de Marqueyssac

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Houses | Comments Off on Os Jardins de Marqueyssac

The Marqueyssac gardens are on a hill overlooking the Dordogne River, with splendid views. The primary planting is boxwood hedging, with cypress and wild cyclamen. The box is more sculpted than clipped, with the organic shapes harmonizing with the landscape. The clipping is done, by hand, with only four gardeners and the planting dates from the nineteenth century.

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Romain Bain Hammam Essalihine

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Houses | Comments Off on Romain Bain Hammam Essalihine

Hammam Essalihine (Aquae Flavianae) is an ancient Roman Bath situated in the Aurès Mountains in the El Hamma District in the Khenchela Province of Algeria. As the Latin name suggests, it dates from the time of the Flavian Dynasty.

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Beautiful Manarola

Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Houses | Comments Off on Beautiful Manarola

Manarola is a small town, a frazione of the comune of Riomaggiore, in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy. It is the second smallest of the famous Cinque Terre towns frequented by tourists. On the west side of Manarola, you’ll find a wild little harbor, while the east side has a small church square where townsmen have met for centuries for important meetings and activities. And as most of the hamlets found in Cinque Terre, there are vineyards everywhere – hundreds of years old and carefully crafted with local stone stacked to make beautiful terraces. In fact, you’ll need to set time aside to take the Manarola Vineyard walk.

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Faroe Islands

Posted by on Dec 2, 2012 in Houses | 1 comment

The Faroe Islands, or Sheep islands are they are commonly referred to, are an island group and archipelago under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands are situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea, approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland. They are growing in popularity with tourists looking for a peaceful relaxing holiday. The total area is approximately 1,400 km2 (540 sq mi) with a 2010 population of almost 50,000 people.

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Amazing Cave Hotel

Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Houses | Comments Off on Amazing Cave Hotel

Restored from the abandoned and decaying ancient caves in the Basilicata village of Matera in Southern Italy, Sextantio The Civita Caves offers guests the opportunity to re-evaluate their interpretation of authenticity. Sextantio le Grotte della Civita’s caves have a prehistoric birthday and a Unesco World Heritage setting; they’re also breathtakingly romantic.

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