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Breathtaking Lake Kaindy

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Nature | 1 comment

Kaindy Lake (Kaindy means “lots of spruce”) is a 400 metre long lake located in the Tianshan Mountains of Kazakhstan that reaches depths near 30 metres in some areas. Kaindy Lake is about 129 km from the city of Almaty.

Why this lake is so unique and popular? This lake is famous for its beautiful colours and dried fir tree stumps sticking out of it attracts many people to enjoy the beauty and mystery of the place.

It was created by the result of an enormous limestone landslide, triggered by the 1911 Kebin earthquake. The mudslide had blocked the gorge and flooded the fir trees. The water itself is often of a somewhat kryptonite hue.  This strange coloration is caused by lime and other mineral deposits. Yet once you get closer to the lake the water appears crystal clear.

The site is as popular for diving as it is for sight-seeing. Notwithstanding the cool tempreatures of the water, the Lake is very popular among divers. Water always attracts and this is a hugely popular place in the largest land-locked nation in the world.

Even in the Summer the water temperature is very cold and usually does not rise above 6 degrees causing the great pines to remain on the trees even after over 100 years.

Considering the weather conditions, the best time to visit the Lake is late spring to early autumn. You’ll love walks around the lake and observing the wild flora and fauna of the area.
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