Screen mirroring is becoming an important feature in all smartphones. You can view your smartphone screen on your big screens. This is very simple and easy to use the feature. You can cast videos and much more using these Screen mirroring apps.

List of popular Screen mirroring apps

1. Google Home:

It’s the most popular screen reflection app for Android phones, and cast your phone’s screen live on TV. It works great and can only be used to reflect this. You can count on this because this has positive reviews from the audience!

2. Team Viewer:

Initially it was used to share the screen among group of people, but could be used for screen mirroring too! In addition, it uses 256-bit AES encryption to make it more secure than others! The best part is that Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux are available and this is free! One of the best reflective apps for the iPhone is believed to be public.

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop:

It’s similar to Chrome Remote Desktop! However, this is absolutely free and is not in use. If you want to keep your screen on any device without spending money, it’s your best chance! You can download the application for Android and download it from the iOS app.

4. ApowerMirror:

Other app that support Android and iOS devices! You can not just reflect, but you can control them in real time. It is considered a potential alternative to business, education and entertainment.

5. Mirroring Assist:

Mirror Assistant is an additional attachment for 360 mobile users with iOS devices. It can detect and connect 360 installed mirrored devices! Before using your skill, you must use the QR to reflect or reflect. It is one of the best screen reflection applications available for the iPhone.

6. Mirrioring 360:

This is one of the most trusted applications used by individuals around the world! Most developers use the demo performance of their application, which is under construction. When used with this, you should consider something you need to be upgraded to your version of Android! This version is not supported in version 5 and below!

7. Reflector 2:

It is compatible with Android, Mac and Windows. You do not want to do anything else to turn it on, there’s no need for any adapter or cable to work! You can register on the screen or with one of many devices!

8. AirServer Connect:

You have to spend some time doing this, but if you invest, you will not regret it. Behind this is an advanced reflection application. It’s available for the Android and iOS versions because it has an extensive fanbase! From here, you can agree with Android.

9. Samsung Smart View:

Samsung is a great application designed to reflect on your Samsung Smart TV and the Fram TV. You can just stream music and video, but browse through the applications on the big screen. Download here for Android and iOS from here.

10. VNC Viewer:

Another use that gives users a view of the devices has changed the lives of thousands of people. It’s available and safe for Android and iOS. This way, you can take advantage of the screen reflection experience without worrying about security.
It’s an extensive list of apps that can be used, but we tried to list the best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone!

So, here are 10 best screen mirroring apps for android. Try and find your compatible app. Each app has different compatibility with different devices.