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Beautiful Tourist Destination, Virgin Gorda

Posted by on Dec 14, 2013 in Nature | Comments Off on Beautiful Tourist Destination, Virgin Gorda

As the third largest island in the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is a popular tourist destination. It was christened “The Fat Virgin” by Christopher Columbus, who felt that the island’s profile resembled an overweight lady lying on her side.

The Baths, which are located in the southern portion of the island, are a large part of the reason that Virgin Gorda is such a popular tourist destination. The huge boulders that are piled on the beach are signs of the island’s volcanic history. However, the real attraction is the scenic natural grottos and exotic pools.

The Baths are perfect to explore by yacht charter, as you can drop anchor along the coast or dock in the nearby harbor. The rocks hide caves – both large and small – that are found throughout the beach. The diving is awe-inspiring. From the brightly colored coral reefs to the amazing array of underwater sea life, you will enjoy exploring under the water while snorkeling or deep sea diving. Virgin Gorda yacht charters allow you to explore the entire island, inside and out.
On the white sandy beaches, you can grab a beverage or snack at Poor Man’s Bar or pick up some local art and hand-painted pieces at Island Silhouette. But mostly, you’ll probably want to lay out in the sun and just enjoy the scenery.
Sail to Devil’s Bay, which is often less crowded, to see a cave filled with between twelve and fifteen feet of shimmering water. The walls of the cave are covered with cup corals and bright sponges while glassy sweepers dance in the water.
There are many photo opportunities at this beautiful island. From your Virgin Gorda yacht charter, you can capture the dramatic slopes the rise out of the water to meet the blue of the sky. Of course, The Baths provide numerous chances for that perfect photograph.