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Beach Life – The Finest Beaches

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Exotic Locations | Comments Off on Beach Life – The Finest Beaches

The long Winter months can really get to a person, the cold chill can make the long, dark days especially miserable. There is always a remedy to the Winter blues and that is a sunny holiday to look forward to. Having a beach in mind can help to fight Winter, just close your eyes and feel the sun on your face. Here are some of the finest beaches that are well worth daydreaming over…


Caribbean magic awaits in this beautiful part of the Mexican Ruta Maya coast. The swaying palm trees edge the pristine white sand and the sparkling blue waters roll up the beach. Theres every chance that you could witness turtles hatching on this beach as it is a famed for its breeding grounds.The hotels and restaurants along the beach are laid backed. You could find yourself sipping a cold beer whilst sitting on a swing around a bar – its just that kind of vibe. Of course, theres a selection of very cool hammocks in various restaurants, there’s even a small dance floor at La Zebra, plonked delicately on the sand – great for learning Salsa on a Sunday afternoon.


The Antiguans say that they have a different beach for every day of the year and they are not exaggerating. The best way to taste a chunky slice of beach life on this tropical island is to get some wheels and attempt to find the perfect beach. Its a real challenge because there are no bad beaches in Antigua. The waters run calmly and are crystal clear. The sand also has that bleached, exotic look and the trees occasionally drop a couple of coconuts.The sea is exceptionally warm and alive with tropical fish. If watersports are your thing then this is a great island on which  to indulge your passion.

Brighton Beach – UK

There is something delightful about the beach at Brighton. Traditionally visited by Victorians, it has retained its seaside feel but it has also developed it’s sense of cool. The pebble beach attracts all the pretty young things when the sun makes an appearance. The pier is a  lot of fun with all the traditional sea fare that anyone could want in a traditional seaside town. There’s an arcade, a fish and chip restaurant, and a great funfair right at the end. There’s delicious fish and chips (eaten out of the newspaper) for lunch and some traditional pubs along the front if you are in need of stronger refreshment. Brighton has some of the best shopping available in the UK just steps away from the beach. Then when you’ve spent up, simply get to one of Brighton’s famous pubs – there’s nothing quite like it.

Finding the beach of your dreams can get you through all manner of dullness in life and gives every day dreamer an inspirational place where they can escape to.

Written by Heather James who writes for Carhiredirect.co.uk