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Amazing jellyfish lake

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Adventure | 197 comments

Amazing jellyfish lake

Jellyfish Lake is a marine lake located on Eil Malk island in Palau. Eil Malk is part of the Rock Islands, a group of small, rocky, mostly uninhabited islands in Palau’s Southern Lagoon, between Koror and Peleliu. It is notable for the millions of golden jellyfish which migrate horizontally across the lake daily.

photo source

Jellyfish Lake is connected to the ocean through fissures and tunnels in the limestone of ancient Miocene reef. However the lake is sufficiently isolated and the conditions are different enough that the diversity of species in the lake is greatly reduced from the nearby lagoon. The golden jellyfish, Mastigias cf. papua etpisoni, and possibly other species in the lake have evolved to be substantially different from their close relatives living in the nearby lagoons.

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Two species of scyphozoan jellyfish live in Jellyfish Lake, moon jellyfish and the golden jellyfish.

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The golden jellyfish are most closely related to the spotted jellyfish that inhabit the nearby lagoons. They are similar to the spotted jellyfish in that they derive part of their nutrition from symbiotic algae (Zooxanthella) that live in their tissues and part of their nutrition from captured zooplankton.

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The moon jellyfish were identified as Aurelia aurita by Hamner.  Addition to the three species of Aurelia there are at least six other cryptic species in the Aurelia genus. Three of the cryptic species identified were from Palau. One of these cryptic species is common to four of Palau’s marine lakes with jellyfish populations including Jellyfish Lake.

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  1. This is an awesome creation of God..loved ur jellywish lake…

    • leave your religion out of this. please.

      • chill out… it’s not that big a deal.

        • just enjoy the pictures!

          • Well George felt the need to assert god into this. Carl Sagan’s right.

            Because the millions of species on this planet weren’t created for you, for you to discover.

            They’re millions of evolved life forms, and the only reason you’ve even heard about some of these creatures is because of dedicated specialists passionate enough to bring their knowledge and research to the rest of the world.

          • some of us believe in God, some of us believe there is no God, we all do it without evidence, and we all like to got off

          • I Think that this Lake is amazing Creation of God. He createsd the world for us to discover and to take care of. We are not some kind of life form that came from a rock and just randomly came about. Then we might as well blow up the whole world becasue there is no use to anything.

          • *yawn* I think Cthulhu created this lake and the beautiful jellyfish! Or maybe it was a magical unicorn. Regardless, invoking silly deities is not welcome – we can all appreciate the grandeur of nature, so please stop using this beauty as your soapbox to promote religion. It’s amazing because it’s amazing, no superstition is required to see it. Gratitude and props to the photographers who were adventurous and generous enough to share this piece of the planet with us.

          • Generally, I try not to participate in these foolish arguments and idiocies, but this -quite frankly- is pretty ridiculous. Stupid, even. The man had simply left a comment of how he loved the article and the impression it made on him. Does that warrant hostility? He mentioned God in it, so what? It wasn’t really even a heavily religious-oriented comment; creation and a capitalized god were all that represented that notion. But, for some reason, you people find the need to bash how he felt, and to do so without any actual provocation. What’s with that? I’m not promoting any particular religious thoughts here, just stating what I see. There is no need for pressing any matters on anyone here, so why do it? Does anyone really think they are going to change the thought process of another through the internet? That’s almost more stupid than fighting over God on a post of jellyfish pictures…

          • Listen to yourselves. Really? You people are arguing over religion on a post about jellyfish. We are free to say whatever we want…or did you miss the part about free country? Grow up and stop being stupid.

          • Come on guys? Are you all going to argue about this guy mentioning God?

            Is no one going to mention that he thinks these things are called ‘jellywish’? Surely that’s much more funny.

          • Sooner or later, EVERYONE believes in God.

          • why is this such a big deal, all of you need to chill out.

          • I am not what many would call a “believer”, but sometimes it is nice to thank someone for a particularly nice natural item.

      • carl sagan. your an idiot…

      • Amen to that.

      • Leave your atheism out the conversation please.Photoshopped! There are no jellyfish. I’ve never seen a jellyfish so, there can’t be any jellyfish.

      • really….just enjoy the pictures….why do you have to go there
        if you don’t thing God had anything to do with this why would
        it even bother you for somebody to mention it….

        • I don’t really comment on these things but I HAVE to this time! The poor guy didn’t say anything that was offense and it’s really sad that just one comment would make such a big deal. If there is a God or isn’t it is still beautiful and everyone has free speech!

      • Seriously? Does everything have to be politics?

      • Believing in a god does not mean you are religious.

        • Word. I’m a Deist myself. I believe there could be a God, but the Bible and any other man written text is most certainly NOT the word of God.

        • Son of a gun, this is so heuplfl!

      • The real Carl Sagan would not have been offended by this. You are not an atheist youre just bitter.

      • What you want them to say? This is an awesome thing kill in the name of Satan? If you cant swallow the word God than go to hell and swallow that, The pics are awesome and by the way GOD MADE A BIG MISTAKE CREATING YOU….

        • Not a very christian way of treating your ‘fellow man’…

      • keep your athiest crap out of this please

      • what is that to you? he just mentioned what he feels. if you want, you can do the same gently..

      • get a life carl…wow

    • There is no God.

      • Which is why you capitalized it…

        • Capitalization proves existence apparently…

          • LOLOL

          • does that mean Godzilla is real?

          • The fact that the word God exists proves its own existence.

      • Prove it.

        • Give over.

          God or no God. We all agree jellyfish are awesome yes?

        • same to you.
          how do you know for sure that there is a god?
          a book isn’t enough evidence for me. (especially since some old guy could have just made up the Bible )

          • Where did the world come from? And admittingly we could look at it as “well where did God come from” but just to get input, where did all of this come from if not from a higher source than we know?

          • woooooooow way for everyone to be little kids about this. It’s amazing pictures of jellyfish and it has to be turned into a huge argument about religion, really?. It seem like everything today has to be turned into a debate and it’s stupid! Just enjoy the beauty of the world for 5 seconds without questioning it. This is why the world has so many problems….

          • Its an awesome creation of God. Its not a religion btw its a lifestyle and belief. look around you, the earth is Gods. You and everyone around you was made in the image of God. If you ever, EVER studied science, stepped outside, went on a hike, or saw a baby in the womb,the stars, the planets,an aurora boirellis,or even a jellyfish, you would understand that nothing on this earth could create such wonders except God in heaven. I am not a scientist, or a nun and I don’t have to be one, to understand that there IS be a creator up there. There are so many pre-assumptions about Christianity. Why do you think Crhistmas says CHRISTmas? “Christ” doesn’t have some hidden meaning translated into “santa”. Our national anthem says “one nation UNDER GOD”. Is that enough evidence for you?
            There jellyfish. cant we all agree on at least that??

          • One way to see is to just pray. For something or someone or a sign or if He’s real. You’ll know the answer then.

          • Actually the pledge of allegiance asserts that we are one nation under God, but that was added in the 50s during the red scare. Although that aspect is neither here nor there.

            O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
            What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
            Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
            O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
            And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
            Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
            O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
            O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

          • but why would someone do that i believe that god is real and feel sorry for those who don’t but do not curse against them i love god and thesepics and so does george apperently and thats the end of it

        • Try praying.

          • When one person has an imaginary friend its called crazy
            When a whole group has an imaginary friend its called religion


          • So talking to an imaginary friend is going to help me solve my problems. I thought that just meant I was crazy.

          • oh someone’s too cool to accept unconditional love?

        • If we cant prove there isn’t a God, Please prove there is one.

        • For every reaction there is a reaction. Is there not? For every push there is a pusher. So think about it. We will use paper for example. What created paper? Humans. Okay what created humans? Well you may try to provide proof of evolution. How did evolution come about? Through genetic changes. How did genetic changes come about? Through mutations of the DNA. How did mutations of the DNA come about? Keep going on and on and you will find your answer.

          • I dont think thatswhat Newtons 3rd law was talking about at all. In fact what you’ve just said … is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

          • Chuck, did you really just use a line from Billy Madison? That is all. Thank you.

          • So your suggesting that everything must have a cause. So what caused your god then? Your simply stating an argument known as the cosmological argument, which is one of the most heavily criticised arguments for god their is. Their are so many flaws in the argument I actually cant even be bothered listing them. But my personal favourite which I will mention, is that even if their is a first cause prove to me that it is your God.I argue it is a giraffe named Fred that created the universe who only drinks red wine. Prove to me my belief is less likely than yours.

      • This whole thread is hilarious lolol

      • Bless your heart. How do you survive day to day?

      • Can we please keep the politics out of it and just enjoy the pictures? Is that possible?

      • GOD IS REAL

      • To say that there is no God, that someone or something is not there, then that means you must search all possibilities that it might be there. If you are to say that there is not a 3rd type of jellyfish in this lake, then that means you must search every possibility to really know that there is not a 3rd species. If you say there is no God, then that means you must search all knowledge to see if He might be there. And if you have searched all knowledge, then that means you have all knowledge, and by definition, that makes you god. Therefore, you deny your own divinity with your statement that there is no God.

    • Agree! God made some amazing things!

      • Like smallpox.

        • I love your reply.

        • AAAAHHHAAAAA!!! This comment thread is killing me! I’m laughing my a$$ off. I love how jellyfish turned into a religious brawl. I have to say, however, the non-believers sure are coming off as more intelligent (as well as articulate, and better at spelling and punctuation) than the God people. You all just made my day.

        • noooo satin creatted the bad things andgod the good

    • Everyone has the right to their opinion, some people believe this is the work of God, and we should respect them and their beliefs. Personally, I believe the scientific version events, and I expect to be respected for that as much as George should be respected for his beliefs.
      Let’s just stay open minded and enjoy the lovely photos!

      • Let’s leave God out of this since it’ll only turn into a massive religious debate. This was a post about jellyfish. I like jellyfish. They are cool. yay. =P

    • yes it is lovely creation of god makes me wonder what other beauties are ion this world

      • God makes beautiful things. He made the HIV strain just for my grandmother! She suffered for a long time, but she managed to pray every day. Maybe he was too busy starving the kids in Africa.

    • Yea except some of the smartest scientist acknowledge that there is no proof that god doesn’t exist. Furthermore some great scientific minds have theorized that god does in fact exist, Albert Einstein among them. So chill and let this guy believe what he wants.

    • God didn’t create it. Evolution CLEARLY did since this stinger-less species came from a previously existing species.

      • speciation not evolution. speciation is when a species changes and adapts, evolution is when new species are created rite? i feel like science mixes them up into the same term and uses evolution as a term for speciation since speciation is proven and evolution is not.

      • This is so funny to read!! Look at this hilarious argument! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow, you guys all just made my day. I hope you have a great day. God bless your faces.

        • wow this is so crazy! you guys have compleatly forgot about the beautiful pictures above.. no matter whos right, if there is a god or if there isnt.. whoo knows! everyone is right in there own mind no matter what and what poeple say or argue isnt going to change you ideas or belifs.. dont attack something just because you disagree, just say to yourself…” he belives something diferent than i do and thats fine.. i dont know him..nore do i want to, im just going to let him think what he wasnts and go look at the pretty jellyfish!” dont arguee..its just causeing more world problems.. lets just be peacful! 🙂 im a 16 year old girl in highschool looking at the world around me and just thinkinbg how crazy it is for people to argue about things that really shouldnt be argued about.. religion is a chouce and so is chooseing not to belive.. neither party is rigth yet neither is wrong.. lets focus on the magnificent beauty of nature and not worry about who created it or not 🙂 <3

    • if god exists how do you explain the existence of multiple races? if god only created two humans, adam and eve, then we are all siblings, and we’d all be, deaf, dumb, and blind, because of the incest that would have created our existence. i invite you to disprove this theory.

      • Although the Bible refers to Adam and Eve as singular people, Adam and Eve translate to “mankind and womankind,” or something similar: “The name “Eve” is of Hebrew origin and it means “Life”. It’s a name commonly given to girls.” And yes I did find that in a name dictionary sight. We must examine the Old Testament remembering the context in which it was written. Many things in the Old Testament are not meant to be taken literally. What the Old Testament does say however, is the God created humans in his own image and likeness and that he will always love us. I believe your theory was just disproved.
        But the jellyfish pictures are lovely 🙂

      • Wonderful epxlantaion of facts available here.

      • If God made man in his image, then he must be half retarded given the posts above. Obviously lucifer made jellyfish, when you contact with them you must piss on it to stop the burn.

    • If you believe this is a creation of God, then great.. If you don’t believe in God, then great…

      The point of this page is not to argue either way, it’s to show something that people don’t see everyday, or probably most people won’t ever see it. Someone has captured these images to let us see a different unique place.. that’s all this is about. Appreciate it in your way..

      The point is this was created, no matter how, but it was created and it lives on the same planet as us. That is the beauty of it all.

      If you don’t believe in God just write it was a great creation.. the point is whoever is commenting here agrees with one another (that this is a beautiful sight) so why are you arguing over something that you both agree with?

      God or no God… you’re glad these pictures were taken.

    • Now we just have to find a peanut butter lake HEHEHE

    • awesome creation of god…….really?

    • I agree God is good all the time!

    • If a GOD made the JELLYfish, why isn’t there buttered toast to put them on?

    • Thank you, Jesus, for the jellyfish.

  2. You didn’t even share the coolest fact about these jellyfish. Their stingers hardly sting to the point to where it just tingles when their tentacles touch you. It’s kind of inferred from the picture with the guy swimming through them but you never mention it!

    • thank you. was very curious about that after seeing the diver without skins

  3. That looks freaking crazy. Its wierd that they let people scuba dive there though. i would be terrified.

  4. Fantastic photos… beautiful colors.. never seen something this pure and exquisite… congrats and greetings from Brazil

  5. this is evolution and nature

  6. Thought You might enjoy footage 🙂

    JELLYFISH LAKE from Sarosh Jacob on Vimeo.

  7. Wow…It’s amazing!

    • You commented at 11:11 on 11-11-11! Very cool article too!

      • And you commented at 7:58 on 11-11-11!!!

        • You commented at 11:35 on 11-18-11

          • I like tacos!

  8. Ah! they look gorgeous 🙂

  9. Woooo..amazing!!

  10. You couldnt pay me to swim in that lake

    • Those jellyfish are not poisonous like the ones we know about.

  11. This is beautiful! I want to go there.

    • Me too!

  12. This lake is amazing. I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel about it and it is even more spectacular on film. There is also a very large breed of cichlid that is indigenous no where else in the world but here. Because of the isolation of the lake both the jellyfish and cichlid has no natural predator, so both flourish in amazing numbers.

    signed niche

    signed god

    signed dead

    signed George

  14. Hey, hey, everybody!
    Everyone should be respected for their beliefs and free to have their own opinions. Personally, I don’t believe in God, and am a firm believer in evolution and science, but I want to be respected for that as much as I’m sure people who do believe in God want to be respected for their opinions and beliefs. We shouldn’t dislike each other because we are different, because without individuality we’d all be the same and honestly, that is incredibly boring. So let’s all embrace our differences, and if you can’t or won’t do that, simply accept them and enjoy the beautiful photos of this natural phenomenon!

  15. Lol, the jellyfish have evolved to the point that they dont have active stingers because they dont have predators. they just chill floating around eating algae i think

  16. Wow, such beauty. God is great.

    • Enough already – please just leave me out of it…

  17. I think that is a beautiful picture and was amazed by the guy swimming in it but have read the comments and learned that the jelly fishes stingers don’t hurt but just tingle… I agree when you do another article try to include stuff like that.lol. I almost had a panic attack seeing the guy in a see of jelly fish trying to figure out how he would get out. Other then that an awesome article and picture that taught me something.

  18. These are very cool! The aquarium in Monterey, California has a great jellyfish exhibit, too.

  19. Jellyfish = amazing, this forum = sad

  20. really amazing… thanks for sharing..

  21. If there ever was a reason for a moderator for this site, the threads above are proof.
    Eliminate the dialog on God, god, dog, and religion, and you would be left with 3 or 4 posts about how amazing the pictures shown and the photographer’s skill.

    Amazing how nature adapts…lovely

  22. I love how people crave tolerance but it only goes one way. Great pictures man!

  23. I can’t stand it when people try to shove their God Hate down my throat. Isn’t that what most people dislike about Christianity. Its funny how Christians are called hypocrites so often yet there are forums like this. Sorry if this propels the ignorant banter. Instead of attacking what I just said anyone who disagrees with me can practice tolerance or coexistence and comment on the picture instead of bashing Christians. Here be distracted by my question…………=>>>>>> How did they swim with that many jelly fish? It seems like doing that would really hurt.


  24. I can’t speak for anyone but myself here, but I feel the tugging on my heart to share a little piece of my story. I do believe in God, I believe that He made me,these jellyfish and everything else in this world. I can honestly say this because of the change that I’ve had in my life. Before Him I was so… alone; I truly hated myself. However, today I know love, I know compassion, I know the reason I’m alive. Sure, my life is not perfect now, but I know that Christ is using me as a wounded healer… in the past three years I’ve watched my father’s face turn red as he yelled at me for no reason, I watched a friend use drugs, I’ve watched my best friend lose her father to cancer and three years later her mother… a woman who treated me like her own daughter. Yes, I have seen hurt, and I did want to blame God for some of these things, but I know that He wants to use my life in ways I can never imagine. I know that whenever I wake up, I have a reason to live. There is nothing that would change my mind about this, no theory will make me believe that God’s not real because the changes in my life are all of the “proof” I’ll ever need. thank you

    • amen to that!

    • So you’re like a child then right? You have to be told there is a magical being making everything happy or you just can’t cope with the world? I am proof that god doesn’t exist. I have never needed of wanted any form of god in my life and yet I am happy, have a good job, a loving girlfriend and family and I really couldn’t ask for much else. I see god as a crutch that some people use in order to explain why they are/were so unhappy with their lives because we find it so hard to accept that we have actually done bad things or that maybe we just had some bad luck. Both of the latter answers to their unhappiness leave them with uncertainty of what will come next and unfortunately too many of us will cower in fear in front of such a proposition. I really don’t mean to hurt anyone or bash their beliefs by saying any of this because we’re all afraid of what might come but we can not limit ourselves with fantasies like god because it blinds us to the true nature of our world and to the true nature of our existence.

      • Holy sihnizt, this is so cool thank you.

    • That is so true. I have seen family do drugs, my Oma dieing and much more. But the one person who is there for me at all times is Jesus. I don’t see the problem with people saying Wow God created wonderful things! He created man out of dirt! He died and rose again and walk this earth, and then went to Heaven. My God my Friend my Savior saved my life. Yes there are Christians out there that push and push and push but thats not how all Christians are we are just people to. We make mistakes. I can tell anyones who sees this we are denfinetly not trying to make it awkward for anyone. I apologize for people who have been pushy. I agree with what this person has to say. “God is love.” Just remember He loves you no matter what you do. He is always there for you.

  25. Wow. These pictures are amazing. They are both a creation of God, AND the evolution of organisms over billions of years. Not one or the other. Grow up people, honestly.

    Spectacular photos, nice job 🙂

    • well put

  26. so why do we even need to comment unless we think we are so important that our opinions amount to a hill of beans! Who cares where they came from? Just click on I like it or thumbs down and go to the next thing instead of always having to express your opinions! Unless you are trying to be “Right”, of course, and need to express your opinion to prove your existence or worth! The jellyfish doesn’t care if you think God/god/whatever created it! Why should we?

  27. The lake is beautiful. If you don’t believe in God, no one’s stopping you to say: This is an awesome result of millions of years of geological evolution. And no one will contest your claim.

    Anti-Christian fanatics are as bad as religious fundamentalists, in a sense. Sure, they don’t commit violence, but I suspect that neither does the guy that left that harmless, non-confrontational answer in the beginning, praising the lake as an awesome creation of God.

    So f**king what?

  28. 1. People don’t have to be respected. Respect is something subjective, and it’s decided by the individual who and what they respect. You don’t owe a theist respect. You don’t owe an atheist respect. However, ideally, people would have enough sense to recognize when and where it’s not proper to flap their gums about faith or lack thereof. People today have no sense of humor about themselves, it seems like it’s best to keep certain things about yourself to yourself in public. 2. A lack of information or gaps in our collective knowledge isn’t necessarily a signal to hop the theist-train. We should assume that there is, and will be for quite some time, shit we don’t know. We can’t even imagine how much there is that we don’t know because we don’t fucking know. And everyone has the right they are born with (where and to whom they are born will inevitably destroy this until adulthood and/or death) to think, believe, and do what they want as long as it isn’t detrimental to the growth and well-being of another person (or even living organism, again, depending on your beliefs.)

    We’re all going to die someday. Rotting, six feet under. In the end we have to go by what we see, what we can measure, pair our emotions with our logic and do the best we can. Things are changing at fast paces, what it means to be human is being redefined in our age. But something that can never change is that there are good fucking people willing to be decent to each other who want to do the right thing, move forward, and grow. All we have to do is read about space to see what a microcosm we are. Let’s shake hands and stop being such apes.

  29. Who cares if there is a God or not??? Paraphrasing Confucius “Why worry about the existence of God(s) and how to appease them, if we cant even help the people who are here with us in this world?”

    To state something has beauty and thank your God isnt wrong.

    But to attack someone’s belief because you disagree? That is wrong.

  30. I prayed ten minutes ago for this conversation to end.
    alas… we have a conclusion.

  31. These pictures are as striking as they are thought provoking. This is a fantastic display of harmony between arts and sciences.

    As far as the thread goes, I personally believe only what I know to be true, and try not to make ultimatums about things which no one really understands. All I know is that if there is a God, or Gods, this pointless arguing would cause them a great deal of disappointment.

  32. you guys are retarded.
    god is not real.
    god did not “make” jellyfish.
    jellyfish are pretty awesome.

  33. It’s amazing how a large populace of humans can completely ignore and/or ruin something so beautiful just because a difference of belief.
    Now I remember why I hate people so much… I’m gonna go to Jellyfish lake and spend my time with them, they’re better company and they don’t give a crap in what you do or don’t believe.

    The whiners in the previous posts suck, shut the heck up and take it somewhere else.

  34. Hi, I love these jellyfish, they look so beautiful. All I wanted to say is that I do believe there is a God, His name is Jesus Christ and I have seen Him work in amazing ways in my life and I know that He truly loves me and everyone. He came on this earth and He died to take away all of our sin forever so we can live freely in Him. All we have to do is have faith that Jesus is real and give our lives over to Him. I’ve come to know that He is the only one who gives me true peace and meaning in life. Just give it a thought 🙂

    • You should try giving anything a thought because I seriously doubt that you’ve every thought about anything for yourself. Let me guess, you were born into a christian family and have been spoon fed the bible your whole life and so now you’re convinced that it has to be true even though had you been born in India you would most likely not be christian. Yeah that makes sense. The fact that there are multiple extremely different religions is proof enough that choosing one that is the “right” one is just a guessing game. Don’t you find it odd that the only people who know about Jesus and God are those who have been told by other people? Do you really believe that your religion that isn’t even the most popular religion is the “right” one? One last thing to think about, there are millions of people on this earth that I could find that believe in their religion just as strongly as you do if not even more so. Are you really going to sit here and tell me that you are so self-absorbed and self-centered as to claim that they are all going to hell but you are wonderful and enlightened because you were born into a christian family and not a Jewish family or something else?

      Being christian itself is hateful towards other people as you all openly profess about how everyone who doesn’t accept your lord and savior Jesus is going to hell and quite frankly I find anyone who wants to bash a hateful group like Christians to be completely justified. Christians can’t complain about people hating them until they stop hating themselves which as I just pointed out is impossible.

      Religions are just cults with lots and lots of members.

      • Ok, just because you don’t believe in a god does NOT give you a reason to try destroying other people’s faith. They can believe what they want, you can believe what you want and if you don’t agree, then that is fine! Religion comes from the explanation of nature and evolved from there to divine influence on people’s lives, if you believe that the world created itself through a lucky series of events, then that’s cool. It doesn’t honestly matter what you think if you’re expressing yourself to start an argument. Yes, there are many different religions; yes, Christianity isn’t the most popular, however it is one of the major three from the world’s history. We are all linked in some way, whether it be through faith or species, can’t we just stop disagreeing over which it is and stop arguing?

      • Your ansewr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

      • You aren’t justified in supporting people who hate on Christians if you say Christians are terrible because they hate on other people.
        It is also not right to stereotype Christians by saying that they, as a group are extremely hateful to anyone not part of their group.

        And also, are you are “so self absorbed and self-centered” to set this woman’s opinion straight and lecture her because you do not agree with her?

        Honestly, there is no solid fact on anything disproving God, and there is no solid proof for the existence of God, and when it comes down to it, what is and what is not “solid proof” is subjective.

  35. I love the pictures, what a beautiful lake… But I love the comments even more, so funny!!! its all Sagan’s fault lol!!!!

    thank you very much

    • Sorry – got to bring the God-thing up again.

      If there is a god, He’s God the Creator, the creator of everything from the millions of galaxies in the universe to the millions of humble pointless jelly fish in the oceans. We humans have no hope of ever comprehending the awesomeness of such a creative force. For sure God is not some old man with a beard, nor would he fuck about with tricks like virgin birth or rising from the dead. Religion (all of them) were created by man.

  37. Fake.

  38. nice picks,i like it.

  39. These Jellyfish are a highlight of the amazing beauty of our God’s creation.

  40. wow. just enjoy the post. this is why our society is so messed up. stop fighting.

  41. Thanks be to God for His beautiful creations, and thank you for sharing these pictures with us. God bless! Rose

  42. First off the Jellyfish are awesome and it is even more awesome that you can swim with them. I would love to go there and swim with a school of Jellyfish, way better than boring dolphins.

    There are a lot of Trolls on here. You know the anti-religion people are here and you say you don’t want to hear their bullshit, yet you keep bringing up God and in some posts it seems as though you are antagonizing them into responding. The anti-religion people are doing the same though, so all in all this will never end because as humans we naturally have to fight with each other, it has been happening since the beginning of history and it will never stop whether there is a God or not.

    I personally want to believe there is a God but I cannot put my faith into someone/something that would allow innocent young children to die of cancer and other diseases. I feel the same way in general about diseases but for me it is 100 times worse when it happens to small children. That is why God lost my faith, it seems to me that he stopped caring. I don’t want him to change my life, I want him to save the lives of children who never even got to start. If you can praise a God that would allow that than really how good of a person are you.

    That is just my opinion and since we are apparently on a religious blog discussing the matter I thought I would chime in.

  43. There is no God (capitalized because even FICTIONAL characters’ names should be capitalized).

    Anyone who believes in God are a drain on society and the overall evolution of man.

    Shame on you.

    • “Anyone who believes in God are a drain on society and the overall evolution of man.”

      That’s probably one of the MOST conceited statements I have ever read in my life.

      • Yeah Jenna, but saying and/or believing “You’re going to hell because you don’t believe in this imaginary man” is totally cool.

  44. This is an awesome creation of God..loved ur jellywish lake…

  45. Christians are stupid.

    You try to explain that something as complicated as the universe had to have been made.
    But that thing that “created the universe” would have to be something EVEN MORE COMPLICATED to be a “universe maker.”

    If it is so damn impossible for the universe to have developed on it’s own,

    “This watch couldn’t have created itself! It MUST have been created by a watch maker who created themselves

    And for all you who are sniveling about letting religious people have their beliefs.
    1. The things a person chooses to believe (be they racist, christian or amway salesman) are the ONLY THING you have a right to judge people about (unlike race, gender, that are inborn etc)
    2. Religious people are constantly using their religion as an excuse for genocide, taking away other people’s rights, being environmentally irresponsible, ad naseum. Religious people have, and continue to, destroy the world, so they should be called on it.

    Finally, if you have special experiences that make you think that there is a Jesus who loves you, the only thing that proves is that you’re crazy and pathetic.

    That is the END OF DISCUSSION.


  47. Very interesting and fabulous photos!

  48. Very nice! It is amazing that someone can swim among the jellyfish. I would be concerned about stings but I guess it’s not a problem. Joe from Backpack and Gear


  49. thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures of the jelly fish

  50. There is no god. What our ancestors thought were gods were probably aliens to be honest. Think about it. 13.8 billion years, and an IMPOSSIBLY large universe. There is no possible way we are the only forms of life. We’ve been here what.. like.. 50,000 years?? Maybe? Aliens could have created man. that’s what the first civilization on earth thought (Sumerians) i wonder why… hmmm maybe because they were there when it happened? What makes more sense, an invisible man creating everything in 7 days? or a superior being that went through billions of years of evolution to become smart enough for interstellar travel and gene manipulation (which we are on the brink of now). And for anyone who brings up the “nothing can travel faster than light” argument.. says who? Einstein? he may have been the smartest human, but compared to whats out there he’s pretty much like the smartest dog. We dont know shit, and to me, Aliens make the most logical sense.

  51. oh and btw.. if you dont approve my comment i have the right to sue you for not allowing me to post my beliefs while you post the others above me. so if you want to keep it nice and simple, just approve my comment. tyvm.

    • There is no “right” to sue. You have the liberty and the freedom to TRY. But is this your website? Are these your pictures? No. And you do not have a right to put whatever you want on a website that is not yours. Technically that’s their property. You do not have a right to “deface” anything.
      You should appreciate that they ALLOW you to put your comments on these beautiful pictures. Especially since your comment (as well as many others on here) are not even relevant to these pictures.

      Jellyfish are magnificent! They are, among a few other aquatic animals, are practically immortal which is just insane to think about. I’m just awestruck by their simplicity and beauty. 🙂

  52. Absolute beauty! Thanks for sharing

  53. Personal I dont believe in “God”… But their are people on here that do !

    I think that everyone should believe what they want to and not try to change anyones else’s Belief’s or being pushy with their own beliefs. enjoy the picture’s because they are beautiful.

    • I AGREE!!!

    • If you really believe that isn’t your entire post hypocritical?

  54. It really does not matter if you believe in god or not. To each their own. Beliefs are personal. And maybe everyone should practice patience and acceptance of others beliefs especially if you don’t agree. This debate of the belief in god causes alot of harmful actions from people. Maybe everyone should take a lesson from the jellyfish and the rest of nature. Just let it be. Accept it as a beautiful creature created. Simply created and created by whatever you believe and that it is ok if the next person does not aggree. It is really not that important who or whom or what created it…everyone just enjoy the splendar of the creatures and not use it as an excuse to argue…peace

  55. Its really amazing seeing all those golden jellyfish! Do they sting? There is a diver in their midst.

  56. Golden jellyfish! Never heard of them! But would love to scuba dive in this lake! Surely an experience one will never forget!

  57. Jelly fish god thanks you for visiting his fine lakes. Enjoy my beautiful brothers and sisters in the wild blue jelly fish kingdom. Huzzah!

  58. This is a jelly fish picture set. I don’t want to read about how you believe god created it, which god, how he did it, who he had to screw to do it. I also don’t want to read how people don’t believe god created it, etc.

    It’s a picture set. Get off the internet and get laid you pussyless virgins.

    With love, a human being.

  59. Not sure if huge troll forum, or everyone is just stupid.

  60. Thanks Fry. I was thinking I was getting dumber the more I read. I always seem to ask myself, why do others get so hot when someone says something in the context of their belief structure? It has nothing to do with them…

    Anyways, I want to swim in that lake.

  61. It constantly amazes me how much thought and effort and time is wasted in internet comment threads.

  62. By Zeus, Poseidon did a great job in creating these creatures!

  63. awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!

  64. youre all stupid. i do exist.

  65. You people are idiots… just enjoy the jellyfish!

  66. According to Schrodinger, there (is | is not) a (god | God).

    You ever look at Jellyfish… on weeeeed?

  67. God truly is magnificent.

  68. It’s like a feel like I’m forgetting something. let’s see, “God exists” “God doesnt exist” …what could I be missing…Oh yeah! Jellyfish!!!

  69. Made in the image of their creator….the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

    • Best comment yet!

  70. You people are funny.. Why cant you enjoy the beautiful photos and admire both the scientists who discovered those jellyfish, divers who had the chance to dive into them and photographers who could enjoy the scene the most? All you theists and atheists here are just so idiotic. If one side of you two could be totally right, these discussions would never have existed. Both of you are in the air so GET OVER IT. This is ART dammit. Why cant you just enjoy it?!

  71. Carl Sagan needs to grow up. I can listen to an atheist talk about being an atheist or a Muslim talking about being a Muslim or a Wiccan talking about being a Wiccan and it doesn’t bother me in the least. But Carl gets all upset when someone says something he doesn’t want to read. Or is it that Carl just wants to be obnoxious and get attention? Talking about whether jellyfish were created or evolved doesn’t bother me in the least. Seems like atheists all like to grab all the attention they can.

  72. it looks like one too xx

  73. what is wrong with you people? if the dude thinks we are God’s children, let him think. it’s his birth given right. Uh, what’s even worse than fanatics are people who consider themselves openminded cause they don’t support religious and cultural brainwashing or any kind of opression, yet they are more than ready to attack anyone who differs them just cause he/she is using the ability we all have;speaking his/hers mind. F u and f ur fake freedom fighting. who cares if there is god or no, such questions are irrelevant. it’s not like u can acctually answer them. even if u could, positive or negative answer,makes no difference! if it’s “yes”, ok. now u can sell all u have, buy a little cottage, be nice even if u don’t mean it and wait to die. if it’s “no”…well, in this case there is no difference whatsoever. such discussions are waste of valuable time. whether is a “yes” or a “no”, u have one shot with the mixture that is yourself and that is now.

    AND i think you should all apologise to beautiful little yellyfishes for ruining their spotlight. yelly fishes, I give u my “wow’s” u adorable squishy-looking water mushrooms! keep on swimming.

  74. Silly Christian’s, Myth’s are for kids.

  75. Jellyfish are atheist.

  76. Lot of smarts in that ptosing!

  77. Wow. I think everyone needs to get over themselves and their opinions and enjoy the pretty phylum. Seriously…

  78. Spongebob would go nuts!

  79. I cried when I saw how beautiful this was.

    I hated humans the moment I saw it.

    I hated them even more to see them arguing about religion on this page.

    Grow up, and just enjoy the jellyfish.

    Who cares how the got here. All that matters is that they are.


    • Zeus made some good jellys there!

  81. You are all so stupid.

  82. HAHA GOD?

  83. amazing pics

  84. Great pictures, even though not to interested in scuba or snorkeling under those circumstances.

  85. Really can’t believe that the person who posted this didn’t mention that the jellyfish don’t have stingers.

  86. I love jellyfish <3
    and might I add that it's rude to push your beliefs on to other people, atheist and religious people alike. Have some respect

  87. I think Jellyfish is a God.

  88. Seriously all this over a picture of jellyfish (which are pretty amazing if you ask me. props to the person who swam in that lake to take these pictures) why dont you just agree to disagree. This is an amazing lake and most of the comments on here arent even about that, and thats all the comment need to be about is the jellyfish. For those of you who do care about the jellyfish and think there amazing there are a few youtube videos of people swimming in the lake just type in jellyfish lake in the search.

  89. i really liked these pictures until i started reading the comments… fair enough that people believe what they want, lets just leave it at that 🙂
    if there is a god or not the pictures a damn beautiful ^^

  90. Looks beautiful.