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5 Cheap Ways to Have Fun for the Whole Family in Ontario

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Travel Tips | Comments Off on 5 Cheap Ways to Have Fun for the Whole Family in Ontario

Getting to Ontario should be the most expensive part of the journey for a family, because there are so many free activities to choose from. This list is just a few of the favorite choices for families with children of all ages. From cheap activities like miniature golf and other affordable options. This list will open your mind to all the choices available in Ontario!

1. Scavenger Hunt Across the City in Teams

 Scavenger Hunt Across the City in Teams

Image via Flickr by Harvard Law Record

Treat your family to an endless day of fun, free activities by coordinating a scavenger hunt. This works best if each parent teams up with one kid to race around the city. Scavenger destinations could include free activities like viewing Rindeau Canal, Provincial Park, and winter festivals.

Reaching the end of the scavenger hunt could award the family Ottawa Senators Tickets. A relaxing treat after a day of racing around different free attractions, Senators games are action-packed fun appropriate for most ages.

2. Be the Tiger Woods of Milltown Miniature Golf

 Be the Tiger Woods of Milltown Miniature Golf

Image via Flickr by Experience Kissimmee, FL

Head over to Peterborough for a fun game of miniature golf that won’t break the bank. This complex includes two fish ponds that younger children will love, as well as two acres of beautifully landscaped parks. Your kids will enjoy the light-hearted competition of putt-putt in the serene Milltown parks.

3. Get Lost in the Belmont Corn Maze

 Get Lost in the Belmont Corn Maze

Image via Flickr by mastermaq

Give your children some exercise along with their entertainment by heading over to the Belmont Corn Maze. Enjoy the fresh air, relaxed pace, and endless acres of corn. After the three-mile maze, let your children climb the haystack pyramid and dine on popcorn balls and juice.

4. See Ice Marvels at the Ottawa Winterlude Festival

 Snow sculpture in Novosibirsk

Image via Flickr by mksystem

If your family happens to be visiting Ontario during February, then you’re in luck! In addition to a free family fishing weekend, the Winterlude Festival takes place in February each year. Enjoy a stroll along Rindeau Canal as your family takes in the ice sculptures, giant snow castle, and international snow-sculpting competition.

Many people also enjoy sliding down the frozen canal on pulled sleds, or riding ice skates after sipping hot cocoa. People-watching is another popular activity, which older kids would love to do. Other than refreshments and skate rentals, this festival is free.

5. Take a Tour of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

 Take a Tour of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Image via Flickr by jphilipg

This well-known museum offers special free time slots for families who can’t afford the steep full-priced admission. ROM has exhibits and galleries, as well as activities and special family programs. Many other museums and community centers in Ontario offer similar free family nights: travelers are advised that they should call ahead to find out which days are open.

Your family will be pleasantly exhausted if you manage to do half of these activities in Ontario. This list is a mere sampling of all of the free and cheap activities your family will discover in the beautiful Canadian landscapes of Ontario, so plan on visiting several times.