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Dead Sea Sinkholes

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In the past few decades sinkholes have permeated the area around the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is drying up at an incredible rate leaving huge chasms of empty space in its wake.The eruption of these large cavities has undeniably become a serious issue of human and environmental safety which is also tied to the fight to stop the Dead Sea’s shrinkage.

Dead Sea Sinkhole  Dead Sea Sinkholes

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The world of rollerblading tours

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When you’re thinking about your next trip, there are many things to keep in mind.  Where do you want to go, how much money do you want to spend, and what do you want to do while you’re traveling?  But if you love to skate, you’ll probably have an extra question to ask: how will I be able to rollerblade on my holiday?  Well if you didn’t know it already, there is an entire genre of traveling dedicated to rollerblading tours.  These are for the people who love rollerblading so much that they want to see the world from their skates.

Rollerblading  The world of rollerblading tours

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Setbacks on the road

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Setbacks on the road

Traveling is something that can bring fulfilling experiences along with challenges. It’s one of those things in life that will make you grow, bring smiles and some tears, amazing memories and great new friends, along with some difficult situations. Long-term traveling, especially, brings with it a diverse and unique set of experiences, many wonderful and some also challenging. So, if you have decided to live abroad or spend a good chunk of time away from home, get ready for a life-changing experience immersed in a different culture; you will return home a changed person. Above all be sure to prepare for some of the challenges that are likely to arise.

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When the adventure goes wrong – what are your rights?

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Traveling is one activity that adds so much adventure and fulfillment to your life. Whether you are exploring new countries, meeting local people or just relaxing on a beach, there are so many opportunities to expand your horizons and try things you have never imagined. It is the sort of experience that will leave you a completely different person when you return home, and in a good way. Unfortunately, however, when you are traveling accidents do sometimes happen. It’s not convenient or pleasant, but it is something to be aware of and to prepare for as much as possible. Obviously you do not want to go into your trip expecting to get hurt, but becoming aware of what to do in case of injury while on an adventure holiday can help smooth out the process.

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Diving in Crystal Clear Verzasca River

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The Verzasca is a Swiss 30-km long mountain river originating at Pizzo Barone and flowing into Lake Maggiore. It is known for its clear turquoise water and vibrant colored rocks, as well as its treacherous currents. The Verzasca Dam is a few kilometers upriver from this lake.

verzasca river diving  Diving in Crystal Clear Verzasca River

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One of the longest caves, the Lamprechts hole cave (Lamprechtshöhle)

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 While there are countless caves that can be visited throughout Europe, perhaps one of the most popular destinations is that of the Lamprecht’s Cave (Lamprechtshöhle) which can be found in Austria. The Lamprechtsofen is located in the northermost outcrop of the Leoganger Steinberge. It is the youngest of the Dachstein Caves.

lamprechtshöhle  One of the longest caves, the Lamprechts hole cave (Lamprechtshöhle)

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An Affordable Getaway: Saving Money While Vacationing in Mexico

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in Exotic Locations | Comments Off

Just because you’re going south of the border doesn’t mean you need to say hasta la vista to your bank account. Mexico is a conveniently affordable vacation destination for many Americans, but a few too many tequila shots can worm you out of all the funds you worked hard to save up. Follow these helpful vacation planning tips to make the most of your trip to Mexico.

mexico 1024x678 An Affordable Getaway: Saving Money While Vacationing in Mexico

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