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Paradise by the sea: Florida’s luxury beaches

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Travel Tips | Comments Off

There are many beautiful beaches to choose from in Florida, whether you plan to spend the trip sun bathing or partaking in fun water sports. Here are a few of the luxury beaches that are great for family vacations as well as romantic getaways.

St. Pete’s Beach

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Cliff Diving in Ponte Brolla, Ticino, Switzerland

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Adventure | Comments Off

Ponte Brolla is a village in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland, the political half of the municipality Pedemonte (north of the bridge) and half of the municipality of Locarno (south of the bridge) belongs. It is located north-west of Locarno in the place where the Cento Valli and the Maggia Valley branch. At Ponte Brolla the Maggia Maggia leaves through a narrow gorge with bizarre rock formations and unites with the Melezza. About the gorge is spanned by a 33 m high single-arched Roman bridge that gave the place its name.

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Romain Bain Hammam Essalihine

Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Houses | Comments Off

Hammam Essalihine (Aquae Flavianae) is an ancient Roman Bath situated in the Aurès Mountains in the El Hamma District in the Khenchela Province of Algeria. As the Latin name suggests, it dates from the time of the Flavian Dynasty.

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Philadelphia: Home of Urban Adventure?

Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in Adventure | Comments Off

Philadelphia, home to the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team, gets more than 40 million visitors a year. Apart from the more immediately popular attractions, such as Independence National Historical Park, the Liberty Bell Center and Philadelphia Zoo, the city is also rich in strange and quite unusual attractions for connoisseurs of the bizarre. Visitors looking for the weird and wonderful can take in the likes of the Masonic Hall and Eastern State Penitentiary along with numerous other odd locations.


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Natural Flaming Stones – Chimaera, Turkey

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Yanarta (flaming rock) is the Turkish name of a geographical feature near the Olympos valley and national park in Antalya Province in southwestern Turkey. The location is 80 km southwest of Antalya. It is the site of dozens of small fires which burn constantly from vents in the rocks on the side of the mountain.

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Sailing in the shadow of the pirates: planning the ultimate Caribbean tour

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Adventure | Comments Off

It might just be possible that a regular cruise goer has never set sail on a ship that has toured the Caribbean, yet there are plenty of reasons why this area of the world is one of the most popular cruise ship destinations.

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SS Ayrfield – Floating Forest

Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Weird | Comments Off

Homebush Bay in Sydney is a must visit for all those who crazy ones who love those spooky structures. There are 4 main shipwrecks to be spotted in Homebush Bay. One such ship was the SS Ayrfield, a 1,140-tonne behemoth built in 1911 as a steam collier that was later used during WWII as a transport ship. In 1972 it was brought to Homebush Bay to be dismantled, but fate would decide differently.

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